Interzone report of October 21st 1999


Hi Zoners,

A lot of work this month again : you have been very active for the new web pages, the writings, and the CD making . More people are asking to join the Zone. The French scene is very busy too at the moment : Jens Gebhart is making the ZAC (see below), and I have been making a number of contacts locally too.

1. Hotel:

We have been confronted to the possibility of buying a place, as one is available here we can get, and here is the situation as it is presently :

-We got enough money to get a lend from the banks, ans some other Zoners want to invest money in it. The place runs well, the price is affordable; though we got the following problems :

- Iggy and I are interested in the hotel-restaurant-alternative bar, and commune entreprise with other buddies. Iggy has been working on the commune project from his side since years and so did I.He has been running a  business since 16 years so can make it with this one, which I cannot do. Now the risk here is that we buy the place the two of us, and then nobody else wants to work in it with us, the commune will be reduced to two persons, which is not the aim at all.

We do not want to run a formal hotel for itself , nor for ourselves untill we get retreated, but for the aims it allows to fulfill and for the experiences to live: to have a place for the group allowing a commune organization, where we can fulfill our main human needs, earn our life and have fun at the same time.

- The place requires at least 3 people minimum, up to 6 or 7 if it works well, so if we want to run the place, we got to employ staff, which is gonna cost a fortune. Also we do not want to work in the place 12 hours a day and be slaves in it. So it would be more appropriate first to find at least two associates, so then a group of 4 can work correctly, bring money as well, so we do not have to borrow anything, and then we share the benefits between us.

So it seems definitely to early to get engaged in this. Let's find other associates, and then we can make it more easily.

2. Exhibition at the museum of modern art in Paris and other expos :

a) I'm gonna go next week-end (23rd, 24th) to the expo at the museum of modern art with the ZAC (zone of collective activation) organized by Jens Gebhart from Infozone (; , which gathers different groups of artists who are getting organized by themselves for production and selling just like us. So we are gonna expose our ways, and share them, to try to find collective ways to get organized together.I'm writing something on this which I'll put on the web soon.

b) Pierre is making an exhibition : VARIABLES Une exposition avec Pierre Belouin Lilian Bourgeat Jean-Arneau Filtness Kayoko Tada Sandie Tourle   Commissaire d'exposition : Leonor Nuridsany Vernissage le 19 novembre 1999 de 19h00 à 21h30. Exposition du 19 novembre 1999 au 16 janvier 2000 A La Lune en Parachute 19, rue d'Ambrail 88000 Epinal Tel : 03 29 35 04 64
Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche de 15h00 à 19h00. Contacts : Thierry Martin : 03 29 35 04 64, La Lune en Parachute
Leonor Nuridsany : 01 40 33 69 09 /

c) Lisa Lovebucket <>The I Opener <>
Dearest Beings of Light,
Lovebucket returned from marriage-making, eclipse-ecstasy and paradise-perfection two weeks ago, since which time she has been undergoing an 'adjustment period'.  She is now ready to start London life again with renewed vigour and would be delighted to hear from you.
Any budding writers, poets, reporters, designers, photographers or illustrators should be aware of the deadline for contributions to The I Opener II (first copy available at for your perusal), which is 23 October 1999. It should be noted as an addendum to the Lovebucket's previous epistle that the I Opener will be found at:
rather than the aforementioned which is just the Collective.

3. Collaboration with Morocco:

Poitiers city has been organizing a festival of music here last week and invited artists from all over the world. I met a Moroccan group of musicians and theatre group who was playing music Jajouka style, and presented them the Zone's work and organization for production and selling, gave them the catalogue I have been printing to spread here. As a result, they are very interested and ask to work with us. The most of them are teachers, making art beside their work. They have been writing a play they have been playing since 8 years in different countries, and there are also writers and poets.

One of them asked if we can include his book to the catalogue and translate it in French. Chadi is ok for making it, and we are gonna start with one chapter and see then. Also the lady who organizes the group is a poet as well, and would be happy if we include her work at the catalogue as well. She is also representing a group of 500 writers from the Arabic world (they have also made a sort of Interzone at their scale), who is looking for contacts and exchanges between cultures and groups of artists. They are on the road at the moment and will get in touch again once back home through the net. They invite us in their place. It comes out that the only formality for Morocco is a valid passport : no visa. And the land and houses are much cheaper to buy than in Europe.

4. Money and commune organization:

- The man of the cyber-cafe in Poitiers, whom I have been talking to about the money organization, said that when he was a student, he and some friends decided to get a business : for this, they put some money aside each month, and after some times, they got enough to buy it. Some Zoners think it's a great idea and propose to send some : though, with the banks fees, it does not seem appropriate to make it this way .

So I suggest that if you want to make it, you put the money aside yourself every month in your bank or whatever, without sending anything, and when the moment comes to make something, then we can gather the whole and use it. This is what I'm doing from my side, put 100 Fr ( 18 $) aside each month.

Though there must not be any obligation here : we are not a sect, and the Zone must remain free for the money as it is for other domains. If you need the money for yourself due to the tribulations of life, then you just use it. :)

- Also I do not want to take care of the common money alone : concentration of the functions between the hands of one person is not good. If some of you are interested to make it too, let me know : 3 would be great.

- Surfing on the web : some sites propose to earn money in surfing on the web. I'm gonna make an experiment, and we see if it's worth it. If not, I just take the banner out after sometimes and that's all. Though, as it works on the principle to make other people earn money too, it might be worth to see the result at a small scale : if we get organized at the scale of a group of, let's say 10, to give our respective ID, then the money we get should increase exponentially. If you are volunteer for the experiment, let me know.

5. Catalogue and review:

For the selling of the productions, I have been making a printed catalogue : you can find the zip at: . I have added some articles and pics (black and white, colour) for the people to have an idea of what we do and the way we work, and at the end, it looks like a review. Actually I used the Works 4 program for bulletins.

Parallelly, Chadi is proposing that we make a review with articles of actuality from all over the world, with articles we write on what's happening in our different places. The idea of a review is not new : we thought about it at the starting of the Zone.

Though it would be great : we could insert in it an updated catalogue in each issue and the news of the Zone as well. Anyway, if you send articles for it, I'll just include them in the catalogue, and spread them.

At the moment, I give the catalogue for free, and people give what they want.

For buying the productions there, you cannot pay by credit card as we are not sellors. The different possibilities are from bank to bank, or through a postal order. See what is the cheapest for you. In case there are other formulas, thanks for letting me know

6. The writings:

a) The anthology:

Presently, the first 4 toms are ready : the two first ones in French, and the others in English. Though, most of the first tome also is available in English, as I translated the chapters from English. The tome of poems is gonna be available soon, as well as the short stories. Definitely, the whole anthology should be available around Christmas.

For the prices of the printed version, see the page : the price is 1 Fr per page : 0,16 $; a book of 100 pages is 100 Fr : 16,5 $.

Now, about the version not printed, in Word files, I think that they should be free for the Zoners. To the public, I propose a price of 50 Fr ($ 8,5 ) for each book on floppy disk..

b) Comics :

Jose Altimiras is ending the last pages of "Le Taxidermiste", and has got a printer for it. The book will be printed in spring and then we shall sell it. A friend who got a book shop in Paris is ok to sell it too. Jose offers 30 % of the price of the book for Interzone treasure . :)))))

7. The 2 CD compilations to come soon:

Pierre and Paul have been really busy at the compilations and both CD are practicly ready:

a) Paul : "The cd is almost ready, a few loose ends to tie up, hopefully i may be ableto get cheap professional quality printing just waiting on some call backs, it will definately be ready by Christmas."
b) Optical Sound / Pierre Belouin 9, Place des Etudiants 67 000 Strasbourg.
Optical Sound is distributed in several music shop and art galleries : Wave Record Shop (Paris) / Bimbo Tower (Paris) / Pascal Sanchez (P
aris) / Purple Institute (Paris) / Cold Spring Records (Londres) / Le Magasin (Grenoble)...
"Music For Dreamachine" will be released in a double CD, vinyl, and on the web in MP3 and Real Audio. The CD version will contain a CD-Rom bonus which will reconstitute the Dreamachine effects, developped by Gregory Pignot from Servo (LTNO, The Atlas Project).
Documentation about the Dreamachine at these addresses
Optical Sound

8. New pages and sites :

a) In other Zoner's sites

Pierre Belouin :Optical Sound : : many new pages there !

New Yahoo club: I made a weird club...">Yahoo! Clubs purplehouse thought you might enjoy

-Mark A. Johnson <> WSB page at: See Burroughs' animation by Mark in the front page of Interzone productions:


Collcat'<>: Brion Gysin site: *beat search engine: -

agent 1914 <>

Teleferique <> :TELEFERIQUE / WEB BAR au Web Bar
P. Bernier / E. Cliquet / F. Drouillon / R.Fercoq / B. Joisten / S. Marques / G. Poulain / A. Schmitt
Site de telechargement artistique

b) In The Interzone Academy and Interzone Productions :

- Fraser Magor:Fraser Magor : The Annals of Port Coquitlam - Rizella's letter: -The things that happenned last night

- Dr Dolophine's "Report from Tasmania" :

- Coolcat: Nut Pt. 2
- Poems:
- Marijuana: Why the "Killer Weed" is Innocent

- Chayline : "The dark side of injustice I": Chapter 2 and 3 by Foe Tamajiro : & Chayline: "The dark side of injustice II":

In French:

Strategies de non-controle: 1° partie
A interview of Michel Foucault on story of madness:

Arthur Rimbaud: "Le Sonnet du Trou du Cul":

c) The following URL are not Zoner's ones, they are French artists here I got in touch with. So you can have an idea of what's going on here. :

jerome joy <>: Here is the announcement of the opening of REVUE AUDIOLAB

agiriano <>proximos conciertos
Hola!   Si quieres obtener información sobre próximos conciertos como el Festival Serie B (Calahorra), Gigolo Aunts o Stereolab la encontrarás en Mamorro:   Un saludo!

Jean-Philippe HALGAND <> ctgr <> Bienvenue sur PAVU !
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Frederic Madre <>


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Much thanks for your support, involvement, creations, propositions, and critics.


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