Interzone report of January 21st 2000

Hi all,

First best wishes to all of you for 2000 from Belgium, where I'm at the moment, keeping the house and dog of a friend who is travelling, and going on with the Zone's work at the same time. This month has been busy and productive, in spite of the cold of winter.

After an update of the Zone mail list here, Interzone represents 511 persons all over the world, plus a part of the members of Interzone Coffee House, who are not in the list and get the news through the club.

Interzone Productions deleted:

One bad news : the site Interzone Productions previously hosted by has been deleted by the new owner of the server. So I'm temporarily hosting some pages in Interzone Academy, in a new rubric: Economy: with more pages on the subject.
Foe is gonna host it, and Chiki is gonna work at it too. I got all the pages here, and we are gonna remake them on a more professional way. On line soon again.


One new direction of work came from Chiki, who suggested we make our own money inside the Zone. I did not know what could come out and forwarded it to a group of Zoners, and a number of them express themselves on the subject. You can find the contents of the mails in the page which is updated every day.

You can also find more data from different lightings at:

Is there anybody interested in taking the Zone money in charge ?

Physical place for the Zone:

A small group is involved in it, and I hope we manage to put up something satisfying. It comes out that the place we shall make must welcome Zoners needing to kick an habbit from time to time. I do not mean a medical place, but a house where can be put up when somebody needs it a formula of home hospitalization with the prescriptions made by a doctor, the cares by a liberal nurse, and the treatment taken in charge by social security. This is possible in France, much cheaper than going to a hospital or a clinic, and can be much comfortable as well.

For the country, a number of you are attracted by the historical aspect of Poitiers region, and the group can rent a place in sharing the rent.

Belgium also is a possible place, more central to access to the other European countries, but colder than Poitiers. Though formalities seem more simple to fix: less bureaucracy, and a cooler atmosphere. Finding a job, getting social security seems much easier than in France, for a French citizen at least.

Though out of the place itself, the question of the visas remains : the most of the Zoners are American, and the tourist visas for Europe are 3 month long. The only solution I see would be to rent another place in a cheap country not needing visa, as Morocco for instance, or in the East, so we can jump from a country to the other when the visas expire. But it requires to put aside the money for the trips. Though if we were enough to make 2 groups, we could rent places all year long and occupy them one after the other, alternately, so they would be busy all the time, and both groups sharing rainy and dry season in the East.

Those places would be useful for the Zoners from the East and the West as well and for the exchanges between our respective cultures.

Medical research: detoxication:

I'm in touch with the The Lindesmith Center ,, a policy research institute founded in 1994 by Ethan Nedelman, that focuses on broadening the debate on drug policy and related issues. It is affiliated to Georges Soros Foundation.

Concerning the cure protocoles of detoxications, the problem in the medical area is that the useful medicines at different levels have been forbidden or taken out of commercialization in most of the countries, though they are not addictive drugs nor can be used as such : apomorphine only is available in France and Canada, Cantor can be found only in Italy, and use of GHB is reserved to anaesthesia.

An academy would be the ideal surrounding for post-cures : it would provide a temporary safe home, out of the usual environment and the problems attached, a warm and creative context, with other people not personnally concerned by addiction, with common aims. This can be, independantly of the post-cure aspect, an adventure worth to be lived as such.

For the documents gathered in this domain, see :

The anthology:

The following tomes of the Time of the Naguals in English are now ready :

About the other books, the following ones in French are available:

The printer here is much quicker than mine, so no problem for me to make the books.

See also Joshua Berlow's book "Insanity Factory" in

The CD: the Zone's compilations:

  1. Interzone Lotsarock compilation :

  2. Paul has gathered the music for the CD and then lost his hard drive. He got back ups so he is missing two files which are gonna be sent back. The present contents is 50 minutes long, so there is still space for approx 24 mins. The CD contains:

    Binda23 - Surrender To My Function * - 2:06
    RoikaXul - Panurge * - 4:57
    RoikaXul - Zimbus * - 3:22
    Hangdog- Experiment * - 1:53
    Focus Test - Heelstone * - 8:32
    Rent - Hiding Through - 3:13
    Codes For Source Collapse - An Image - 4:47
    Codes For Source Collapse - Rawar - 6:43
    plus musics from Net and Jonny D to come back.

    The Lotsarock group is also working at the cover. Clam now has access to a good quality colour laser printer & is investigate some plastic coated paper to give the booklet a different feel.

  3. Music For Dreamachine:

  4. Pierre first wanted to make self pressing, but for a better quality, he is gonna ask a factory to make it. Cost: 13000 Fr, so he sends a subscription:

    Souscription / Subscription
    Pour les 100 premiers exemplaires limités numérotés / For the first 100 limited edition.
    Double CD / Sortie prévue au Printemps 2000 / Release Spring 2000
    Souscription : 100FF / $15 / 30DM / £11 / /Chèques / I.M.O/ à l'ordre de Pierre Belouin (+Nom / Prénom / Adresse)
    Optical Sound / Pierre Belouin
    9, Place des Etudiants
    F-67 000 Strasbourg.

    Optical Sound is distributed in several music shop and art galleries : Wave Record Shop (Paris) / Bimbo Tower (Paris) / Pascal Sanchez (Paris) / Purple Institute (Paris) / Cold Spring Records (Londres) / Le Magasin (Grenoble)/Messpress (

    "Music For Dreamachine" will be released in a double CD, vinyl, and on the web in MP3 and Real Audio. The CD version will contain a CD-Rom bonus which will reconstitute the Dreamachine effects, developped by Gregory Pignot from Servo (LTNO, The Atlas Project).

    *Graphic design / Digital Baobab *Photo / J. -L.Baudron *OS.002 / Optical Sound 1999 *Mastering / Aspic Frz *CD rom bonus / Servo

    Les participants sont : / Dreamachine people are :

  5. The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah:

Dreamachine :

Greg Boyington <> sent an experimental online dream machine using javascript.

And recently Amy Balot put on line the plans of a dreamachine made with a fan:

I'm studdying some new versions of a multi-functions dreamachine, which would be a luminar as well, and an art object, with the body in cardboard illustrated or painted by the Zone, stuck to 6 glass rectangles. And other versions with the cardboard cylinder with wall papers. If you adapt wings to the holes, you can even use it as a fan, and if you manage for the body to be easily removed from the record player, you can still use it as such, he he he


We can go on with the post-cards because they are great really. In case you got pics or illustrations you want to be used in this aim, let me know.

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An attempt of non-Aristotelian management (August 1999) (with links on Henri Laborit):

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Catalogue of Interzone Productions:

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On the expo of the ZAC in October, see Ludovic Burel's account at:


Souscription Optical Sound / Pierre Belouin

Greg Boyington <>An experimental online dream machine using javascript.

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* APO-33 mp3 mono to stereo
check out killer COLUMBIA, MO label:

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Anne: Beats & Beyond : The New York Open Center (83 Spring Street, NYC, 212-219-2527) is presenting a series of poetry readings and talks this winter/spring called "Beats & Beyond," from February 2nd to May 24th 2000. See the contents in the News page :

Film WSB GPO : decoder :


ePIPO e-zine <>

consonni presents : El Gran Trueque Matthieu Laurette Bilbao, from the 3rd of january,2000

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Brad Brace: The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project

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Much thanks for your sendings, ideas, work, exchanges.

Love to all


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