Interzone report of February 21st 2000

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all well, waiting for spring. Here is what we have been at during the beguinning of 2000:

You can find the info on the film "Beat" and the false-to-facts presentation of events around Joan Vollmer's death at See James Grauerholz's mail in the News page at the date of February 6th.

1. Interzone Productions:

Interzone Productions still is off line. Some pages have been included in the site Interzone Academy, in the rubric Economy: see the menu at:, with the new pages which have been made. Chiki is working at new pages, and Foe is gonna host it. But I got to wait to be back in Poitiers to transfer all the files and pics.

2. Economy:

Following the exchanges we had last month about making our own currency, I have been putting together Korzybski's data on money, and rebuilding on this base in the domain of our art and potential. I just did not know what to think about the currency, and preferred to consider the ideas and suggestions of Zoners who got something to say on the question before saying anything. I am starting from Korzybski's elements because in the past, they worked each time I used them in different areas. They were new to me and I did not know where they were gonna lead practically, so these were just experiments. Though the results were far beyond what I had imagined. So let's try it here and see what comes out of it. As far as the Zone is concerned, I concluded that the most accurate is a zone of free exchange. See in English and French at:

Non-aristotelian data on money : What are we talking about exactly ?

Application of those data in the context of the Zone

Données non-aristotéliciennes sur l'argent: De quoi parlons-nous exactement ?

Application de ces données dans le contexte de la Zone

The formula of a zone of free exchange : ( and ) should open new possibilities which the present system does not allow.

More to come soon in this area.

3. The CD :

Paul has put together again the different musics, some have been added. Here is the contents

Binda23 / Datawhore = Surrender To My Function = 2:06
Codes For Source Collapse = An Image = 4:47
Codes FOr Source Collapse = RaWaR = 6:43
Apo 33 = Serum Of The Blue Ringed Octopus = 1:00
Focus Test = Heel Stone = 8:32
Hangdog = Experiment = 1:53
HeadMonkey Media = Lichen Boogie = 4:12 >
Rent = Hiding Through = 3:13
Rasta Robert = Laaste Woorden Hassan Sabbah = 4:06
Johnny D = Lich = 4:13 >
Johnny D = Skiamachy = 3:05 >
RoikaXul = Zimbus = 3:22
RoikaXul = Panurge = 4:57

Total Playing time 52:09
Some more are gonna be added. Onomasti and Foe are working at the cover and leaflet

4. Nova convention

Agent 1914 suggest that we make a new Nova Convention with the new generation working around Burroughs. Still searching for a formula for a place to put up. Poitiers would be a possibility. A small group wants to make it, and we are considering different places in cheap countries as well

5.  Yahoo clubs:

A lot of activities in the Yahoo clubs this month :

You can see a number of pics of Burroughs' paintings in: Burroughs' tape-recorder :

 In Interzone Coffee House, see the mails on the film "Beat", and more pics from Alchemickal, Grovetta, jazzresin and more.

A club of philosophy founded by leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House".


Scott Lickstein made one and put an animation of it in :

I made another one, trying to make it more professional. Keep on using my own plans with a 78 rpm recorder, cos it allows to get to 5 different rythms of alpha waves, when Brion's one allows only one speed.

 7. Anthology, books, publishing :

  • Jose Altimiras and François Darnaudet's comix "le Taxidermiste" is ready , but the printer who accepted to print it gave up, so José and François are looking for another one. Though they ask to print it under the label "Interzone Productions", which of course I accept gladly.
  • As far as printers are concerned, you can have look at the prices in In case you would be interested for the printing of the Time of the Naguals or other books of the Zone, let me know.
  • In French, the most of the "Projet pour un Monde Nouveau" is on line at:
  • And see soon the new contents of "Le Carrefour des Impasses", the book on psychiatry, in Gary's site at:

8. New sites and pages:

In Interzone Academy:

Links on money and economy

Non-aristotelian data on money : What are we talking about exactly ?

Application of those data in the context of the Zone

Données non-aristotéliciennes sur l'argent: De quoi parlons-nous exactement ?

Application de ces données dans le contexte de la Zone

Projet pour un Monde Nouveau

Pages from Interzone Production temporarily hosted in Interzone Productions:

Presentation d'Interzone (français)

The Zone's manifestos

An attempt of non-Aristotelian management (August 1999) (with links on Henri Laborit)

Exchanges on business in the Zone (August 1999)

Catalogue of Interzone Productions



Communiqué de L'AIRPDC (français)

In the other Zoner's sites:

Expo a Lorient : x-00, net event 16>19 mars à Lorient



Creative force:






9. The Zone's services : 

 Interzone doc : ; Interzone 23 :
William Burroughs Yahoo clubs :
* the Interzone Coffee House :
* Nova Mob : : William S. Burroughs Research Club
* Binda 23 yahoo club , dedicated to the music project , so you can send your mails there and access to all the ones which are sent on the subject.
* Burroughs' tape-recorder :
* : Purple House: * Jazzresin Yahoo club at: * leah_sublime "Dandy In The Glass House", club of philosophy :

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Much thanks to all for your participation, mails, ideas, etc.

Love to all.


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