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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone

by Paul O'Donovan


Hi all

Hope you have had a nice Christmas day and feast.

A number of interesting news this month.

Optical Sound at France Culture

On December 3rd, the French radio France Culture dedicated the second part of the program "L'atelier de création radiophonique" to Pierre Belouin ( Optical Sound ) : AWAN ~ SIGUAWINI ~~ SPEMKI ~~~PHOTOGRAPHIES SONORES  In the frame ofthe program " Résidences croisées Alsace, France / Lac Saint-Jean, Québec", Pierre Belouin presented to Langage Plus the expo " awan ~ siguawini ~~ spemki ~~~ ", which means in Abénaki " air/in spring/paradise ". House, Forest, Lake, Factory are the common denominators of the recordings and photos, realized since the first week of his arrival, to keep the first impression of his discovery of Alma and surroundings. Eight photographs of landscape are mixed with a sound landscape which the artist recorded on the places he photographed. The recordings have been transmitted with the fitting image through internet to French sound plasticians. The workshop presents 5 original tapes composed by Rainier Lericolais, Eddie Ladoire, Norscq, Ramuntcho Matta et Wild Shores.
The recording of the program is available in Real Player at

Ecoconstruction and know-how:

Last year Alain Dussort sent me a very interesting CD containing videos about the ecoconstruction work-shops and realizations he and friends make (see the report of August 2005 ). The CD was made by Catharsis Productions - six years of existence. The videos are on line in the site Catharsis Productions, which now is operational Catharsis Prod is an association 1901 which realizes documentaries to socialize know-how. Two directors, Alain Dussort and Patric Trotzier realized films about the ecoconstruction, about India, Morocco, techniques of drive (...)

At the page you can see a video on the house of Ines and Frank, built in straw for less than 7000 euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice movie.

The whole appears as a precious and useful work on the human level.


In the investigation "Black holes in market economy", Following the previous investigation by Paul O'Donovan " 9. " Infogérance et dérégulation des services publics : Pas vu pas pris, pris pendu ! " (" Facilities management and deregulation of public services : not seen not taken, taken hung ! " ), here are two new articles about methods applied by so-called "facilities" management:

10. Les fiches de poste: des cartes non similaires aux territoires : this one concerns the time-tables for the staff realized by audits, describing every task and the time to accomplish it, in the circumstance the one of a nurse in a home for retreated people: but the map does not fit to the territory, which is much wider. As a result, the time-tables are unrealistic, impossible to respect, so they do not fulfill the functions which justify their existence. At the page one can see the whole time-tables for a week and extra work non included in it. The fees audits require to make such time-tables are rather high, so those audits reveal themselves as swindles.

11. Dénonciations calomnieuses et méthodes mafieuses: quand les entreprises et les services publics deviennent des zones de non-droit : (11. Slanderous denunciations and Mafiosis' methods: when companies and public utilities become zones of non-right) : This articles is about the present methods of staff management which institutionalize slanderous denonciations to fire people who cost money, qualified and experienced staff, to the benefit of non qualified and non experienced staff, which cost the minimum.


NOWhere Limited!

Elisha and Scott from Cuturegrounds have launched a new online art shop - NOWhere Limited! You're invited to visit anytime:

As with culturegrounds, NOWhere will be constantly evolving throughout the new year... If you have any feedback about either site, please let us know, they'd love to hear from you!

In Culturegrounds, they have been publishing since some years one image and a quote each day, and have a number of galleries and videos

The lazarus corporation news & update:

The bulletin is back, and a lor of new things in the site: see at and

Paul O'Donovan:

Two new illustrations by Paul O'Donovan:

"The Beat goes on" : from some pictures of your reporter made in November 2006, and "Revelations", at

gilbert herreyns at the galerie didier devillez - presse
Two articlews related to the expo on Gilbert Herreyns at the Galerie Didier Devillez:



William Burroughs Documentary

For the past year and a half, I have been working on a feature length video documentary about William S. Burroughs' life. I have done interviews with Williams' friends, including Anne Waldman, Diane Di Prima, Amiri Baraka, Wayne Propst, David Ohle, Jim McCrary and Charlie Plymell and many others. I am working with very talented filmmakers, animators and musicians. If you know of any of poets, artists, or friends of William that would like to, or should be interviewed for this critically important project, please let me know soon. Joanthan Leyser Director,


Kotobuki: new sounds and videos:

Optical Sound in My Space: The band has a page in My Space at with their music.


Kenji Siratori has been incredibly productive this month: see his site Mechanical Hunting For Grotesque: special edition" CDR + DVDR : Label: Hypermodern Catalog number: HMEX#01

Cyberbizarro noise by Japanese cyberterrorist Kenji Siratori & special video. myspace price: US$10.00 (postage: US$5.00) limited to 30 copies
UK: 7.70 pond (with postage)
Euro: 11.30 euro (with postage This item will be shipped in 14 Dec. We accept Paypal.
Paypal id:

See the details of his work at  


Blood Electric (Russian Edition)

Kenji Siratori's book " Blood Electric has been published in Russian edition. See at

Face of the Screaming Werewolf by Ken Gage :

Ken Gage's Burroughs-esque Surrealist project is finally available at . The book is called "Face of the Screaming Werewolf "and many rumors are a-flying that the author wrote this while completely high. Please keep those rumors a-going.

New pages on line:

 In Interzone sites :

Interzone news and blogs :   has been updated regularly and contains the details of the news of this report.

Bienvenue à Interzone

Des trous noirs dans l'économie de marché: 10. Les fiches de poste: des cartes non similaires aux territoires

11. Dénonciations calomnieuses et méthodes mafieuses: quand les entreprises et les services publics deviennent des zones de non-droit

Paul O'Donovan: "The Beat goes on" : from some pictures of your reporter made in November 2006, and "Revelations", at

Société francophone de sémantique générale General semantics and quantum physics  General semantics and economy: Seminars

Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone:

In the other Zoners' sites:

Kotobuki: new sounds and videos:

Optical Sound at France Culture: and in My Space:

Catharsis Productions

Les enfants de Don Quichotte:

NOWhere Limited!

The lazarus corporation news & update:

gilbert herreyns at the galerie didier devillez - presse LA LIBRE BELGIQUE: ART MEMOIRES:

Kenji Siratori  Blood Electric (Russian Edition)

Face of the Screaming Werewolf by Ken Gage


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All my best wishes to the Interzoners for 2007, wishing us a creative year, full of adventures and  new projects.


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