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Fifth birthday of Interzone

Hi all,

This month is the fifth anniversary of Interzone. As a result, a part of this report is dedicated to its starts, spirit and present situation. But first, the latest news: This has been an unexpected month. I have been off line a lot so did not answer the mail. I spent one week in Brussels. Then I have been visiting Patrice's house in France and have been spending most of the time there actually.

Patrice's village: ******************

Synchronisticly enough, the place looks like a good place for the Zone. The region is beautiful, not polluted, two hours far from Paris by train, so easy of access. Patrice's house is in the middle of the village. A part is still rented, a bar downstairs presently is in activity, and will be for the two following years, so we cannot use it yet, but Patrice is putting at my disposal an empty flat there, where I have been living this month, and it's been a real pleasure. The place really is energetic, beautiful and peaceful.

There is everything you basically need there, and for the rest, the next city is 9 kilometers far. Most of the food can be bought directly to the farmers around. 50 meters far from the house is a river the banks of which have been fixed by the municipality as a public area : there is a big camping place with a lot of space, a small beach where one can swim for free in the river, and paths for promenade on the banks and big lawns. There are a lot of facilities to welcome visitors: a hotel, rooms to rent in local people's houses. There also are a number of houses for sale at affordable prices: I have seen several worth less than 30 000 euros. There also are woods for sale : 32 hectares for 60 000 euros (the village of Ruigoord is 40 hectares large).

It's not far from Belgium, 3 hours far by the motorway. A lot of places to visit around, many cathedrals and historical places. The style of the houses of the region has been preserved and the villages seem to live at their own rythm, not affected by modernity.

So it's kind of a place for holidays where we can meet, and spend a great time. A number of Zoners might settle there as well, and we can organize a community life, cheap and simple, while contributing to keep the village alive.

Festival of Ruigoord:

After sending this report, I'll go to the full moon festival of Ruigoord, which takes place from the 22nd to the 25th. More about it next month with pics of the event.

Grape and Solace:

Following their misadventures of last month (see the report of Jully at ) they are presently back together, and ok. J

Interzone music:

Cosmodelia has been making a CD of music for dreamachine, which is available since this month. You can ask him for copies.

Interzone Library:

The book is a compilation of articles, mostly on line in Interzone Academy. It contains documents available nowhere else.

Fifth birthday of Interzone:

a) The origins:

We started to take conscience of ourselves as a group of individuals who shared similar subjects of interest, similar experiments, in domains which were not labeled in the official map of reality, and which were not supposed to exist. As a result, as individuals, we were walled in uncommunicability, and the birth of Interzone broke this feeling, allowing us to share what we had been experimenting, and to state that we were coming to similar results. This confirmed that what we were at was part of reality, of levels of reality unknown in our civilization, called by Castaneda and Burroughs, the Nagual, in which the laws seemed different from the physical laws we were used to. And this statement was extremely positive on the image we had of ourselves as Burroughs' readers, in a world where our inner existence was literally banned from "reality".

b) Irruption of the Nagual, imprevisible and not foreseeable:

When the Zone started, some days after Burroughs' death which occured on the 2nd, (see the presentation at accounts in the first reports of August 1997 from the page, it was not programmed, and could not be. I had no idea, when starting to propose the Dreamachine plans to people writing in Malcolm Humes' Memorial dedicated to Burroughs, of what was going to come out of it, and I guess that if someone had told me, I would not have believed it. The only indications I had were dreams I had of an instructor beside me, and me sending a lot of emails to people. Then I found the Memorial on the net, and had the inner feeling there was something to do with it, but did not know what. I thought about sending dreamachine plans and asked the I Ching about proposing them to people, and the answer was that it could lead to a valuable human adventure , which would not happen if I did not do it. So I sent the mails on the next day. I was connected to the internet since one month, just discovering it, and did not handle well the use of emails, so the feed back to the proposal, 300 people asking for the plans, was really too much !

So the whole thing first started on synchronicities, meaningful coincidences, and a number of factors we had no control on, and which escaped to our will and consciousness.

Since the first day, I was connected with Foe, Gary and Rick. We quickly started common exchanges, and have been going on since. Most of the Zoners from the Memorial are still present.

After deciding to go on together, we started to apply spontaneously basic concepts spread by Burroughs and Gysin, which we shared, as Burroughs' readers, and which we had in some measures experimented at the individual level.

c) 1+1= 3:

So we applied the Third Mind : as far as human relations are concerned , due to the mathematical principle of non-additivity (, 1 + 1 is not equal to 2, but to 3. At the scale of 300 people, I let the professional mathematicians calculate.

People started to send their own creations in return : writings, music, accounts of personal experiences, paintings, URL, other kinds of dreamachine plans ( , cut-up machines, dreams, etc... As a result, we found ourselves with a lot of stuff on the artistic level, without spending a penny. We also started to exchanges knowledge, ideas, analyses, pieces of literature, through sites, a common email in hotmail, and met for chats. Foe taught me how to make web pages, sending far out ones, and we developed sites : see the Interzone Ring :

The writings have been gathered in a compilation, The Time of the Naguals, a part is in the Western Lands at . But the whole is so big that there are 9 tomes ! And it keeps on growing every month ! I want to put the whole thing on CD but have not got time for it yet.

In French, two tomes are ready : tome 1 "Autour de Burroughs et Gysin", et tome 2 "Département de Sémantique Générale, de Philosophie et d'Histoire" , the most of it is on line at

The integral versions of the common and individual books are on line in the site "Interzone Library" et accessible on line for free. They also are available in printed.version.

In music, two CD compilations have been realized:

The fact is that we started to share our respective means for free, and at the end we got a much higher result than the one we would have got if we had spent fortunes in business previsions, on the base of expectations limited to the frame of what can be done in the area of business.

Hence, the value of the result at artistic and human levels is much higher without money than the one we would have got using it.

d) An opened structure of elements gathering by levels of complexity:

Now what type of relations have we adopted ? We have adopted a model of relations structurally similar to the structure of living organisms : "The structure of living organisms confers to them two basic characteristics which strictly depend the one on the other : they are opened systems, at thermodynamic and informational levels, and they gather by levels of complexity." Henri Laborit.


e) The zone as a refuge:

One of the functions the Zone since the start was a Johnson family and a psychic refuge : see the Manifestos at: . And the refuge has become not only psychic, but physical, and we do take care of one another.

The Zone takes care of its own

 f) Solving human problems at the scale of the group:

Here are some ideas of things we can do:

This can be easily organized through a guest house with one room or two available, with meals, and offering computer and internet facilities. This can be made in Patrice's house after two or three years , or in a rented house before.

Produce one's own food (vegetables, eggs), buy the rest to the farmers around. Produce one's own sources of energy (wood, solar electricity, etc.). Set up relations of complementary with people around in function of human needs, through exchanges of services and what we can effectively do.

In the seventies in France, the army wanted to take the land of farmers. 103 of them got together, more people joined, and they bought the land by square meter, which was possible with a few money for each person. And it did work. A number of them then settled there, restored old farms, organized communes and alternative ways of life. Some did not work, and some did, and are still there. Jose Bové is the most famous. Greame Allwright wrote a song about it, "Larzac 75", in the album "De Passage".

So this is another possible way.

- etc. J

Zone's sites::

In Interzone Library:

On line: the second tome of the French Temps des Naguals: Département de sémantique générale, de philosophie et d'histoire

Sémantique Générale:

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Origine des "actes bestiaux" et des persécutions pour "crime de sodomie, d'hérésie et de sorcellerie" en France : Philippe le Bel et le procès des templiers :

Voyage dans le passé: liens entre templiers et ismaëliens:

Origine des "actes bestiaux" et des persécutions pour "crime de sodomie, d'hérésie et de sorcellerie" en France : Philippe le Bel et le procès des templiers :

L'origine des croisades I.

Le Vieux de la Montagne et saint Louis

Qui était Hassan I Sabbâh ? Extrait de l'introduction de Christian Jambet à "La Résurrection d'Alamut" p. 11-18

La stratégie des ismaéliens I

Les problématiques de l'Occident: interprétation non-aristotélicienne des textes sacrés relatifs à la création d'Adam et Eve (Bible, Coran)

News of July: and August:

In the other Zoners' sites:

Noah: : Another Dreamachine description... :This URL contains plans made for a 45 rpm record player.

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 This report now is on line at; the French version will be on line in some days at

During the two following months, I'll be moving between France and Belgium and shall not be connected all the time, so do not be surprised if the answers to the mail take some times to come.



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