Hi all,

I hope you are well. Many new infos this month again :

  1. For the hotel :

As a result, we are the ones who got the biggest chance to get it at the moment.

But before doing anything, we must put up a society. (see below at the status chapter)


2. Business :

Some of you have proposed some ideas :

a) In the project from Ramuntcho of a CD label record (see the report of October 98) , we are far from the necessary hundred of people , so it does not seems possible at the moment.

About Ramuntcho's productions, he has made several CD with Brion Gysin 's recordings : poems, music :

Ramutcho worked several years with Brion who gave him his recordings, so he got a lot of original pieces from him. You can join him at : Ramuntcho Matta: Web page : :

b) Jake proposes we make a publishing house : we already thought about last year, but the idea did not go further. I have asked Michel Valensi who will forward infos. Now, considering the possibilities in this domain :

If we make them according to the requests from people then we can make them little by little, and are sure not to invest anything for nothing. But we must see first how much it costs (paper and ink for the printer) and if it's worth it.

c) Same for the tapes : we can copy the tapes of the mucician Zoners and sell them first in the frame of the Zone as long as we do not have a physical place nor a society, and decide ourselves of the price to fix and the percentages to give (musician, tape maker, price of the blank tape, cost of the mail for sending) . So if we do it when people ask, there is no problem of investment : one can begin with the money we got on the account, which is enough to start this. One just has to have a good equipment to copy tapes, which is not my case presently.

We can also put the "Last Words of Hassan Sabbah " on tapes : we are gathering the musics and translations at the moment. Pierre requires we make the recordings on Real Player, so they can be put on the web as well.

d) Some of you ask for tee-shirts : there is none left L and Pierre is too busy at the moment to make other ones again. Now I have seen my printer can print on tee-shirts, so I'm gonna try on an old one and tell you about the result.

For the pictures to print on the tee-shirt, we might take the pics and illustrations from our sites, which would prevent any copyright problem about Burroughs' image. We can even choose the print we want, if we make it with the printer. We can also reprocuce paintings made by Zoners (Agent Zero), so the creators of the group can also be part of it.

  1. Goodies :

They makes great patés, in small tins, very practical , and more other products, but the best is the pates. The ready made meals are not as good as home made ones, and the wine is expensive.

But again, before putting up anything in the business or physical place, we have to get a status.


3. Money :

Wales from Holland sent 50 $, so we have twice than last month, exactly 475,52 fr ( about 80 $) at the moment. The account is : Code banque : 11706 - Code guichet : 00001 - N° compte : 51379872001 - Cle RIB : 07


4. Status :

For the status of the Zone, if we intend to sell our productions, then we need to create a commercial society. Are there Zoners who know about doing it and who would like to take this in charge ? The most of the Zone's productions comes from US, so we might make it there. US might also allow possibilities which do not exist in Europe, which would allow us to have a commune organization for the money : the money belonging to the Zone, and not to individuals themselves, and the use of it being decided in function of the need of the Zoners and common projects.

 We can also make an association here in France, which is quick to put up , would allow us to run a physical place (hotel or whatever) and have subventions from culture department, which is not possible with a society. This would allow the European Zoners to start something here.

I'm proposing to the European Zoners here we meet soon about it. We can organize a meeting in Paris, which would be the easiest place for everybody as it's central. We are foreseeing this before the end of the year during a week-end. So if you are a Zoner in Europe and want to be part of it, let me know about the dates which would be convenient to you. Some can do it on the next week-end (29th).

The two formulas together, association and society, would allow more Zoners to be part of it, and we might use them according to our different aims.

These are just suggestions, which need to be discussed in the Zone, and also require Zoners to be involved in them. If you want to be part of this, let me know. You can now find forums where to put your answers directly in the site, by subjects : see

First I was worried about the association formula , due to the misuses of it here, and wondering about status to put in it, but after thinking, we do not have to change anything of our way to work nor relations, just keep on , take the association frame as it is, a symbol, and do not identify to the different functions in there (president, secretary, treasurer), out of the effective work it requires (I mean that we need a "president" because the laws says so, but it does not mean he would have more power nor work than the other Zoners , nor could take decisions out of them, which we can stipulate in the status).

The association could allow to get fees from the members, though I do not like the idea of the fee as an obligation. We might say that Zoners who can afford it could pay what they want, and the others who can't would not, the appreciation of this being left to everybody. In case we need money for a special aim, then we ask for it if we have not got enough in the count.

Also the works made in the frame of the Zone would dispense people to pay them .

My concern here is that most of the Zoners are broke, and to my point of view, we must not begin to act only in function of money, otherwise it will limit the creation and possibilities. Our first aim is not to make money, it's to be a gang of Johnson friends who have fun to work together. We did not need money to function untill now, and the aim of dealing with it now is only to try to earn our lives with our arts, which is easier if we are together than if we remain alone. Nothing more. So we must not make money become more important than our basic aims nor spoil them.

The interesting point here is that we are confronted to basic questions related to money : what are we gonna use it for? How can we handle this in this international group ? Which frame would allow us to gather in a place without having problems with the immigration ? How are we gonna do with the different currencies, inflation, etc… (by the way, in next january 99, one can pay in euro here, common for whole Europe) ? Which system would allow us to get to a balance in the frame of the Zone ? Is there any other symbol of exchange than money we could use to avoid those problems ?

You can send your answers to the new forum on business :


5. Sites :

a) Since the latest report, I created a site Interzone Academy in geocities at, in collaboration with Jeremy gluck who created "House of Light" and

Jeremy works on the links between spirituality and technology, and the university he teaches in is interested in his work on the net. I'm interested to studdy the events of non ordinary levels of reality we experiment with a scientific approach , through the light of general semantics and quantic physics, as Burroughs and Gysin began to do it. So we just consider the facts we state and observe without any pre-recorded pattern on it, and see how they can become understandable on the bases of our present step of scientific evolution. See : and

  1. Some forums have been created in the Interzone Academy site, with different subjects which require we concert, or some of you want to exchange about : the status of the Zone, business, spirituality, and the hotel. In the page
  1. Several of you send documents on human rights : you can find them in the Interzone Academy at : : check it soon there still a lot of stuff to include in it.
  2. See the new version of Gary's site, without frame, "Welcome to Interzone" :, with more pages, and a magazine to come soon.

  4. Also RailheaD's site with Burroughs' pic : , writings and more pages.
  5. Dean Kassabov's page at : and Ivan's one : .
  6. Maxence Grugier's site : "Transition Webzine" has got a new URL : & "The Game is Rigged - Take the Place Apart": : contains "Le Temps des Naguals in French" and Chaya's Arabic version of "The Last Mords of Hassan Sabbah" :
  7. Grovetta Suttle : "Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Grapevine"
  8. Skt : "i.m.f." :

j) Jeremy Gluck : "House of Light" : and and "THE DATA WHOREHOUSE!" :


6. Writings :

Since the visit in Paris last month, I got one answer of a publisher "Le Dilettante" about the manuscript of "Le Carrefour des Impasses", which was refused . Nothing from the other ones at the moment. I'm gonna print "The Time of Naguals", which I did not have time to do yet.


7. Expos :

 See the new expo in Glassox ,, the artistical association Pierre Beloin is part of in Paris, and Infozone program e-mail: You can see the details of the programs in the page New Events :


8. Medical research :

Gessie , whose brother works with the Aids Council in Helsinki. asks if other Zoners have any interest in working with AIDS issues. From my side I'm in touch with Act Up here, and am interested in technics and trainings allowing to increase the defenses of the body. You can write in the forum of medical research : .Several Zoners are health professionals and we have already gathered interesting data in this area previously.


9 . The Zone takes care of its own :

a) If you got any health problem, you can write to the Zone's doc, Jim, who has created a free-coucelling E-mail which now works since several month and has been very helpful to some of us. Interzone doc : . Good news : 2 Zoners who had addiction problems have recently kicked J .

  1. We also got a common E-mail, where you can send mails and consult them at : ; lodging name : interzone23, password : hereweare.
  2. I'm ending the report of the tour of the Zone last month. See on line soon.

d) Monthly Zone appointment in the chat : November 23rd starting at about 10 pm here as usual. See the worldclock for the time in your place at :

You can access to the chat-room directly from or join through ICQ . My # is 3146693. If you want your # be added to the Chat page, let me know.

Talk to you soon.

Love and all the best


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