News January 7 th 99


Hi all,

I'm back since about a week. Here are the latest news , as there was no report of december last month (see the previous report of November at : )

1. The hotel :
Iggy proposed to bring the money for the offer and to start the business here, but my surrounding does
not want me to sign the papers in my name, apprehending the bussiness not to succeed. Also I am alone here
to open it at the moment, without experiment of such a business, which is not realistic.

Some of you proposed to come and work in the place, but for this, you have to be officially employed to get a
long term visa coming from US or other places out of Europe, I cannot make it at the beginning, not being sure to earn enough money for myself.

Though the hotel is still gonna be to rent : after sometimes, the equipment is gonna be sold at auctions, and
the rent will be lowered. So we might rent it as a private place for the Zoners to stay, without
any commercial aim , in sharing the rent between the people who live in it (for 10 people, the present rent would be 360 fr a month, 6 US $ !!!)
Or we can make it in another place, find a big house in the country side with a similar rent, and a garden to
grow some food. So there would be no money invested.

This would also make possible the "home hospitalization" with a liberal doc for Zoners who want to kick an habbit (but be sure to get an insurance before coming, so the cares of the doc would be taken in charge by the
social security here). I'm working on the protocole of the cure and post-cure and gonna send it to the list
of people involved in medical area.

The formula of renting a place would be possible with a tourist visa during the time allowed. In case some would want to go on the experiment during the rest of the year, it's possible to find another place out of Europe, and share the time between both, which would allow to start a business between the two places.
(Morocco ? India ? other places you would like ?) I'm seeing with Zoners from other countries
if they got tips in this domain and let you know then.

2. The anthology :
I'm printing it at the moment for the American publisher John Gehner. The texts all gathered by rubric (see in the page and the whole , without illustrations except the first tome, is 562 pages at the moment. More to come.
Let me know if you got more texts you want to include in it before I send it. I'll join to the sending of the books the personal writings some of you sent already printed.

About having the anthology printed and selling in the frame of the zone, I have written to printers on the web and am waiting for their answers about the prices. It seems that we can have some low ones, about half a $ a copy of 100 pages. I'll send the exact prices when I get them. Then, let me know if you are interested in
getting one or several copies .

3.The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah :
We got several recorded versions now, and Pierre has made one CD sometimes ago. Soon we can get good equipement to record it on tapes.

4. The tee-shirts :
I can make the prints of the images, which are nice at first look, but very frankly, I have doubts on their quality , as they beguin to unstick after washing.
So I can make some if you want them, but do not guarantee anything for future. See what you think.
The best formula is deffinitely the one Pierre used with the first tee-shirts, but it requires an equipment
I have not got.

5. The forums :
Nobody uses them, so I am gonna delete them.

6. New pages on the web :
Chaya's recording of the Last Words in Arabic in wav file, but it takes ages to download so I'm looking for making it in another file (Real Player)

See the new documents on apomorphine on the pages :

The new dream page :

In other Zoners' sites, see Chiki's one : Raw Info Central : On-line Community for Creative Individuals in the world* (Raw info Central is "officially" started from Jan 1 1999)

7. Zone's services :
Common E-mail :
lodging name : interzone23
password : hereweare

Free councelling E-mail :
Interzone doc :
In case of problems, you can write to Jim, the Zone's doc.
He is head doctor of a service of a clinic in US,
and can be really helpful, for psychological help as well as
for physical problems.

8. Needed :
- Advises on a good translating program (better than Alta Vista)
from French to English (urgent) and multilingual (less urgent).
- Complementary information on Apomorphine welcome.
- Has any of you got the pages of the mails posted to Burroughs' memorial from
Sept 97 to April 98 ? They have not been put on line
in "the William Burrougs Files".
- Any agent Zoner in Italy ?

By the way, the chocolates made here are good. Astonishly enough, the home made ones reveal themselves as as good, even better than the ones from the shops. This might be a bit heavy to send, but I can provide the recipies if you want to make them (easy, really, and much cheaper than buying them).

Next appointment in the Interzone chats in mIRC and : on the 23rd of January as usual. Sorry for not being there last month.

Best wishes for 1999.

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