Report October 21st 1997:

Hi friends,

Some news from the Zone. Things are getting organised now.

Here are the main directions:

1. Group of medical research of 8 people for the moment, but should become more with the French contacts here, through a gay magazine on the web interested in B and B's work.

About cancer, we intend to :

- gather the informations on treatments already existing,

- gather the info on new alternative treatments,

- adopt a new strategy against the disease : strengthen the defenses of the organism instead of trying to destroy the etiologic agent.

This might be useful for AIDS as well.

The other directions in researches already begun are addiction and the therapeutic effects of the dreamachine.

We are can make exchanges by E-mails list, or through a forum (see Phillip Linder's site below). the informations and results of the researches will be available on a web site.

2. Work agency through the web :

We are gonna try to get self-sufficient for work at the level of the group in putting up our work agency :

- pages to gather the work demands with the names or pseudos, E-mails, addresses, etc..., curiculum vitae, professions, advertising for professions already existing, with the addresses of personal sites, etc. The ideal would be a page for everyone who asks for it, so we could present our stuff.

- pages for the work offers made to the group.

So the offers and demands can be fulfilled partly inside the group itself, as the number allows us to work for each other, and also with the rest of the world.

In the domain of music, we can make our recordings on audio and video cassettes. Dan Century intends to get a CD recorder and offers to use it in the frame of the group, so we can make our own CD. which can be handled by anybody, and make the distribution as well through the web.

This limits the distribution compaired to the one of the big societies, but the web make the stuff accessible to the whole world.

We can also make a centre of lending, where members of the group who got an urgent need of money can ask for it, and get the amount they need, so they can give it back later on, or find with the lender another ground of exchange.

This would make us able to solve rather quicly urgent economical problems at the scale of the group, and could be directly profitable to each of us.

3. About web sites,

Our needs are :

- publishing the writings of the group : the common book,

- hosting the magazine,

- pages for the echanges and informations about medical research,

- hosting the work agency : demands and offers (see below),

- forum for the exchanges about Burroughs' and Gysin' data and concepts,

- etc.

Since the creation of Gary Leeming "Welcome to Interzone"

linked with Foe's site : "Foe4Foe

and with Agent Zero's site : "Rub out the word"

Rick and I are planing to make web pages about Brion Gysin, but we have to ge the authorisation of the

publisher for the extracts of "Here to Go".

In case you got documents about him, they will be welcome.

Dan Century has made one called "Cities of the Red Nights", with a chat-room for the group. E-mail <>

About the chat-room, Dan proposes we synchronize for meeting there. He is usually available from 23:00 to 4:00 GMT during the week days, and could find anytime during the week-end.

Phillip Linder is also making one and needs stuff to put in it.

He also can make a forum, for exchange of ideas. E-mail

4. Then 3 people want to work on a magazine on the web, which would spread the news of the group, dreams, articles, etc...

5. The address book :

This idea did not have much success as only few people wanted their coordinates be openly spread. But we do not need it anymore with the sites at our disposal.

6. The book and invitation for submission :

I sent the following message to John Gehner some days ago :


Dear Mr Gehner,

I beg your pardon for taking so long time for writing to you, but I have been overwhelmed with the work of organisation of the group.

Concerning the writings we shall submit you,here is their content :

1) The book I have ween working on ,"Le Temps des Naguals", is a set of texts on Burroughs and Gysin :

- Burroughs'interview by Bill Rich : Talk-Talk (1981)

- Burroughs'interview by Victor Bockris : "Calling Dr Burroughs" (1990)

- Extracts of "The Place of Dead Roads" I translated before the publishing of Sylvie Durastanti's translation by Christian Bourgois. Those extracts had been published in 1987 in a local literary review in Montlucon by Jean-Marc Vincent, and Mr Bourgois had given his permission for it then, so I do not think there would be any problem this time.

- Extracts of "Here to Go" by Brion Gysin and Terry Wilson,

- The dreamachine plans I made

- "Le Temps des Naguals" an article I wrote about my different meetings with B & B, and the acccount of the synchronicities which happenned related to them.

- "Les Derniers Mots de Hassan Sabbah", translation of "The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah", extracts transcripted from the record "Nothing Here But the Recordings".

All those texts have been already exist in English except the article I wrote. At the moment I am typing the original texts on the computer, which I had never done before, not suspecting those texts would be spread in US. The article has not been translated yet.

2) The texts members of the group send :

- V. K. : an article on Burroughs,

- N. K. : an article on synchronicities,

- R. G. : an article on whom words and images belong to,

A set of dreams,

Some poems,

Some cut-ups,

There might also be E-mail exchanges on Burroughs and Gysin, if their authors accept them to be published.

I am working on the next report concerning the organisation and shall send it to you soon, so you will be aware of the evolution of the group.

Thanks again for your invitation.

Yours sincerely.

Isabelle Baudron


Now the list of the second part of the book is not a complete one, some more texts have been added since I wrote this letter. Also I have finished to type in English Burroughs interviews I had translated. In case you want them, I can send them in Word RTF program.

I also got some Burroughs' and Gysin's pictures which have never been published. I propose I put copies in black and white on the web and sell the pictures to people outside the group who want them.

For the money, we share, half for me, half for the group.

In the frame of the group, I propose to spread them for free, but I shall wait to have a scanner (soon) to do it, instead of making copies of the photos and sell them by snail-mail.

We can also put the pictures in the book, or publish them separately. In case some of you got some more, in case you want us to make a common work with them, I am okay about it.

7. The names of the group :

Here are the ones which have been proposed :

- Tarzan Society

- Ah Pook Academy

- Junkshakes

- The People's Republic of Interzone

- Grey Johnson or Endless Johnson Family or Dead Johnsons Incorporated

- Invisible Corp

- Beat Hotel

- Room 23

- Third Mind Corporation

- Interzone

- Nova Express

- El Hombre Invisible

- Beat Hotel

- El Hombre Invisible

- Invisible Interzone Inc (111)

- Interzone Republic

- Centipede Beat

- Elastic Hotel

- Eldritch Network

- Uncle Bill's workshop

- Uncle Bill's mirror

- Akashik Network

- Akashik Mirror

- Invisible Hotel

- Deep Outside Group

- Ignition Center

- Deep Wake Zone

- Wild Boys Squad

- Internationalism (Internationalist, Internationality, Interzonation)

- Nova Organisation

- Junkies

- Queers

- The Benway Society of the Permission of Everything

- The Benway Society Motto : Everything is permitted

- Benway Islamic Corporated

Since now, the ones which were in the latest report and which were the most sucessful are "Ah Pook Academy", "Invisible Cop" and "Interzone" (4 votes for each).

How are we gonna decide between all those names ? May be we can first see the ones which are often chosen like the ones upper that come out of the previous report, and then make a vote between this second group and take the one which get the most choices at the end. First exercice of applied democracy.

Okay, I guess this is enough for now. Those reports are getting quite long and I hope we find another more practicle solution through the web soon.

Thanks for your concern, propositions and participation.

Best wishes to all.



"We demand new strategies for living - we demand phychic hygiene instead of conventions."

Agent Ricochet


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