Report :

Hi all,


Today November 21 th 1997, the group contains 311 persons (13 girls, 298 guys).


Since the latest report, 9 people wrote about it :

7 chose Interzone : 11 votes

Invisible Corps : 5 votes

Ah Pook Academy : 4

Beat Hotel : 3

Dead Johnson Incorporated : 2

All the others had one.

So it looks like the name of the first cyber pirate island is


So, dear all, welcome to INTERZONE, cyber- land of our dreams.

A special toast for it.

May it live long and die happy, and so may we.



Since the latest report, some more texts people sent have been added to "Le Temps des Naguals".

Concerning its eventual publishing, we got 2 more propositions :

"We can escalate our ideas from the realms of the

conceptual to the actuality of doing. I am suggesting we, as a

group, get together a proposal to submit to publishers worldwide.

This would enable us to become dedicated to our ideas,

I am thinking "Publishers advance" and "Signed contracts"."

The fact is if we consider the potential of the whole group in publishing area and gather all the books the writers have written already and which are not published yet, we probably have enough to start a collection (about 10 titles).

Your Zine or Comic printed cheap

call the small press CO-OP 941.922.0844

16 pages folded ,newsprint, 7x10" collated and bound

500 books $219.

1000 249.50

2000 329.00

So these are different possibilities. I do not know enough myself about publishing, especially in countries outside of France, so I am not competent to take decisions in this domain on the base of the infos I got.

Whatever we decide concerning the publication of our writings, we can anyhow put them on the web.

We also got John Gehner 's invitation for submission , but as long as people keep on sending texts to put in the book, I cannot send it. And there was no limit of time to this offer.

Pierre Belouin ("Apo 33") and Max ("The Game is Rigged - Take the Place Apart") in France are going to put on their sites the French version of my writings about Burroughs and Gysin as I won't have enough room on my own pages to do it; there is nearly nothing on B & B here, and we hope it can help to a better knowledge of their work for French speaking people.

So now we now have enough room to put "Le Temps des Naguals" on the web. If you want to have published the articles, cut-ups, dreams, poems, etc., you have sent, let me know, and we shall see with the people who offer sites where to put them.



a) Gary's site : "Welcome to Interzone" : which contains the reports.

Rick has made web pages about Brion Gysin : see "Port of Entry".

b) linked with Foe's site : "Foe4Foe" :

c) and with Agent Zero's site : "Rub out the word" :

d) Phillip from New Zealand has a lot of room for a site, "Isor". He can also make forums :

The most useful thing to do now seems to use his offer for a review on the web, so we can all express ourselves about our different projects, and beguin to publish writings in it.

For the moment, we have no organized squad to begin a formal review, but we can begin to exchanges between us. We need to have a place where we can all write our ideas, propositions, etc. and consult the ones of the others.

 e) Dan has made one called "Cities of the Red Nights" :

with a chat-room for the group (chat-planet) : 

After experimenting two chat-room systems, ICQ and chat-planet (Dans' one), it appears that both are complementary :

ICQ is very practical to know when the other ones of the group who also got the system are connected. So it's possible to get in direct communication through messages or a chat-room immediately. The content of the conversations can also be recorded and saved.

But for the chat-rooms, it seems that ICQ is slower, and less easy to use for several people. Anyway it is the only way sometimes, when servers are busy, I cannot get to the chat-planet system.

My ICQ # is : 3146693. At least 8 of us are on it.

We can meet in Dan's chat-room on week-ends; I can get connected on Saturday between 2 pm to midnight (8 am to 6 pm at Toronto's time), on Sunday all day and evening upto midnight (up to 6 pm in Toronto). Or early in the morning (5 - 8 am : 11 pm - 2 am in Toronto).

During the week, I get connected mainly between 10pm and midnight (4 -6 pm in T).

If you want to get in touch, send a message with the exact time you will get connected, as I may not be on line all the time.

f) Joshua : "Joshua's Berlow's Website" :

g) Cavana :

h) Mickael Stutz :

In France

i) Max : "The Game is Rigged - Take the Place Apart" :

"Transition Webzine":

j) Pierre Belouin : "APO 33":

k) Jean-Bernard : "Bienvenue - Welcome" : site deleted, forbidden of access.

l) Ramuntcho Matta : "RA 1" :

(see his page on Brion Gysin, which contains 2 poems of Brion).

m) Centre of coordination of the different sites of the group :

Jake thinks we need web pages gathering the different sites of the group and from which everybody can access to the other ones.

My server gives me free pages, so I can use them in this aim, which looks the most practicle as I already got the infos.

So I am prepairing it and am gonna send it before it appears on the web, so you can let me know if you want to be in it.

Its name is :

"Les Terres Occidentales" - "The Western Lands" :


We can put here the addresses of you sites if you want (personal or professional), and I can make a list of all of them, which would be practical to access to them, and to link our sites between each others. I can also put your E-mail address.

Some people, for reasons of privacy, do not want to see their name or E-mail on a web site, not publicly linked with the group. So I propose that in case you want to appear in it, you let me know, and send a message with your web site or E-mail address(es), and the rubrics you want to be included in, so I shall add them to the page.



We can also exchange about Burroughs' and Gysin's work in domain a lot of us are interested in and which are complementary : cut-ups, dreams, synchronicities, third mind, evil spirit, sex, magic, control, etc. We cannot make different groups because it would not fit the facts and would limit reflections and communication.

Several people ask for a group of research on cut-ups and dreams and want to share their experiences with the others. The ones which have been sent are recorded in the book. We might also use this dream rubric to gather our respective dreams on Burroughs and Gysin; this would be useful to see the relations we got with them through his level of reality, and what comes out of it considering them as a set.

We can also use those opportunities for the medical research.

Another direction which several of us have begun to work is community life. Rasta is settling a commune in Holland with some friends in the country side. Jake thinks we should get organised to find livable solutions at the scale of the group. Iggy thinks we should settle small communities in different places, of different styles, in beginning by a little group in which people would come little by little. Josh has documentation on the subject, etc.

It seems a respectable percentage of us are thinking about it, and that we have complementary data and experiences. I propose we use Phillip's site to make a forum on it. (see below : Academy).

  A review also would be useful to make a bulletin board where each of us could post messages to, and express himself on the different opportunities of the group, with a questionnaire, the results of which would be published in the review.

 In case you want to work at it, let me know. I include the review in the coordination page, and shall add your names then.



a) The work agency :

a : For people who have at the moment a formal job they get fed up with :

Instead of doing like a formal work agency, where we only put our official qualifications in function of the diplomas or the experience we got, we can consider things we really can possibly do, and want to do, and the new possibilities that the group and web offer. So the number of possibilities is much wider and pleasant.

For instance, if I take my own case : the official qualification would be : psychiatric nurse. Now in the frame of this group, it becomes : nurse, translator, writer, teacher of general semantics, cook, gardener, typist, dreamer, etc.

Or John Smith : plumber, guitar-player, painter, farmer, poet, etc...

I do not know if this is possible , it depends on the number of people who will use this. But more than half of the people I got personal contacts with would gladly stop working tomorrow morning if they got a better solution.

b : For people who have a job they like and want to advertise for it and get work through the web :

Some people are interested in using the opportunities of the group to promote their work. We can have a rubric with the sites addresses of the professionals of the web, video, CD, softwares, etc.., and also writers, painters, musicians, etc… So we could would be aware of the actual potential of the group in this area, and work with them.

This would would be a free advert, which I do not have anything against. As I do not get any money from this, I do not think it's illegal.

We can begin this in "The Western Lands", as it is part of the coordination, and it should not be very big at the moment.

Also people who would look for somebody to employ could look here and join us directly.

c : Work offers :

Employers looking for staff could put their work offers, so people looking for a job could contact them directly.

d Center of lending :

We can also make a centre of lending, where members of the group who got an urgent need of money can ask for it, and get the amount they need, so they can give it back later on, or find with the lender another ground of exchange. This would make us able to solve rather quicly urgent economical problems at the scale of the group, and could be directly profitable to each of us.

 b) The Academy:

§ Some people are interested in making a physical Academy, for different reasons : so it can have different orientations according to what we decide. The different desires are :

 § Now this can take different shapes :

§ The status can be different : to see in function of the different countries and their legislation : what is allowed here forbidden there. Hence the interest of having different places in different countries,

We can also have several : in US, Europe and in the East, each one with different forms and orientations. But this allow us to travel from place to place and be between us.

At least 3 of us are interested in organizing such a thing : me in France, Iggy in Belgium and Rick in California.

Now we are not obliged to decide for only one possibility : if we can conciliate the whole things, why not doing them ?

It depends on what we want to do really.

Now the idea of a physical Academy is not shared by everybody, far from it, because of the practical problems which come out from it : owing a place, having money, problems of relations, of status, etc.

But we do not need a vote : people who want to try it can do it, without involving the others, like the rest of the activities which have been realized since now.

Having a place on the web where we could express ourselves and exchange about it would be the most practical, and seems to me indispensable. No one has got "all" the informations needed to take a decision, we must take the time to get to know what we want to do really, which requires gathering the different possibilities , the infos at different levels (financial, legal, etc.), exchange the points of view, think about it, and then see.

 c) Constitution of a cell of emergency, pact of mutual assistance :

At the moment, several of us are having troubles of different sort : money, splitting with the partner, stressing job, sexual discrimination, etc., and find themselves in front of unexpected problems. For some of them, putting up a safe place where to live temporarilly is not an academic question.

In the rubric "one is never so well served than by oneself", I propose we make a group with the people who are in this situation and studdy the question practically, in US and Europe.

People in the group who have empty houses they do not use can propose them, and people who want to help could send money to pay the rent.

Then once they are together in the place, they can studdy together ways to earn their life according to what they can and want to do.

So through a coordinate action, we should be able to solve practicly the main basic problems at the scale of the group.

d) Trip on the sea : join the crew :

Iggy is dreaming about going on the sea with 30 guys for a trip, kind of Captain Mission's trip in "The Cities". He is looking for volunteers for the crew (no relation with the hoax, just a synchronicity). Has anybody a ship and some pirate island to propose as well ?

e) Movie :

Presently, considering the different qualifications and experiences in the group, we can write a scenario, play it, film it and distribute it. We can make videos, or a real movie.

This can bring money quite easily with not much investment.

Also in this area, we can make a serie of documents about the group, starting from the beginning, since now, and follow the evolution in future, which would attest about the work done at the level of the facts. To my knowledge, such an adventure as this Burroughsian group, at this scale, has never been attempted before.



The proposition to make an address book with our coordinates : names, addresses, E-mails, and centers of interest is a complete flop : only 5 people sent their address. Let's forget it.

So here we are. I hope everything is okay from your side. Here things are going on well.

Thanks for making this adventure possible, for your support, propositions and participation.

Yours Johnsonly.*


* " The Johnson Family" was a turn-of the century expression to designate good bums and thieves. It was elaborated into a code of conduct. A Johnson honors his obligations. His word is good and he is a good man to do business with. A Johnson minds his own business. He is not a snoopy, self-rightous, trouble-making person. A Johnson will give help when help is needed. He will not stand by while someone is drowning or trapped under a burning car.

The only thing that could unite the planet is a united space program... the earth becomes a space station and war is simply out, irrelevant, flatly insane in a context of research centers, spaceports, and the exhilaration of working with people you like and respect toward an agreed-upon objective, an objective from which all workers will gain. Happiness is a by-product of function. The planetary space station will give all participants an opportunity to function."

William Burroughs ,"The Place of Dead Roads".

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