Interzone report of March 21st 2002

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The artist colony of Ruigoord

Hi all,

This month has been busy as usual and magic. Here is the account of the adventures. :)

First Grape, who is the founder of the Interzone Coffee House, and Solace 54 got married this month in US. A lot of love and happiness to both of them. :)))))))))))))

Then, as you know if you have followed the previous reports, Vasha and Vadimas, two Lithuanian Zoners, have come to Belgium in February. We met last month in Gent where they are staying.

Two weeks ago, Koulin has arrived from Ivory Coast in Nantes, France, where he is hosted in another Zoner's house. The three of them has come to Europe due to the economical and political contexts in their own places. So the project of a place for the Zone, which started as a common dream, has become the solution which seems to fit the most our needs and means, and the most livable.

  Visiting Ruigoord :

As we were looking for a place to meet for some days, Patrice Riemens in Holland advised Ruigoord, a village near Amsterdam where a community of artists is living since 30 years.

It came out that the place offers free guest house and nobody was occupying it. Koulin could not make it, but Vasha and Vadimas arrived on thursday and Iggy, who is hosting me in Belgium, and I arrived on Saturday. We met Patrice Riemens, who had come as well.

Patrice made an historical account of Ruigoord : the village is squattered by a community of artists since 30 years, and has been a place of exhibitions, festivals, and experiments of all kinds, including in the domain of drugs effects studying and expansion of conscience (Hans Plomp) .

Actually the term community is not the proper word : everybody has his own way of income, his own house, but people work together at the artistic level, make festivals, exhibitions, etc. Some people are employed by the group : a guy who takes care of the guest house, of the horses, a couple who runs a bar and restaurant.

But presently the people who live there (about 60 persons at the moment) have to find other houses due to the industries being built there which make the place inhospitable, so they have made a compromise with the municipality : some houses, the church and buildings are being preserved, where artists can go on working there. But the most of the houses where people lived are being destroyed, and they have to go and live somewhere else in town. So people are scattered, the meeting place remaining Ruigoord.

The four of us have had great time there. Personnally, I had exactly the same feeling as in Goa in the seventies, same people, same atmosphere, drawings of Indian gods everywhere, same inspiration :). Just the weather was different (rain). I have been struck by the organization and the way they have succeeded to keep up through time: 30 years is something.

Such a place certainly fits to the Zone's spirit and would be a great place to meet.

I have taken a number of contacts there, and met some people whom we can work with :

Hans Plomp, is a poet and writer, he has performed with Burroughs. There are a huge number of URL in Google on him. He wrote a book on various drugs experiments .

Elysée Stroetinga is a painter. She also has a house in a village in the Cantal, and an artistic association, where she can organize expos. She invites us to come and see the place in the aim of organizing an exhibition there.

I am going to make them propositions of what we can do, so they can see what's the most interesting for them. Ruigoord would be a great place for an academy and center of research, as they have themselved worked in this direction before, and we have a lot in common. From your side if you are interested in presenting anything, let me know.

When the 4 of us were on the way back from Ruigoord, my car has been broken in Amsterdam and most of our bags were stolen. So my exercise book with all my notes has disapeared, as well as the whole documents coming from Ruigoord. In case you would have sent me anything which would be forgotten here, thanks for reminding me.

 Other existing communes:

One guy in Ruigoord is putting up a twin commune in Hungary. Apparently, the people of Ruigoord are in touch with other communes in the world where they go from time to time, autonomous temporary zones, which is our dream actually.

It comes out from the recent contacts that Elisée is in touch with a commune in France, Britany, where people often come to Ruigoord. She said that they do similar things and exchange a lot.

François Darnaudet tells me about a commune in Fillols, near Perpignan.

 With Patrice we also have been exchanging about India, Goa, where he has spent one month recently. Renting a house in common there is cheap and easily makable at the scale of the Zone, due to the cheap rents (10 people could rent a house for a year and spend 9 $ a month each), but does not advise it as a permanent place due to the political and religious situation.


The activities in the Zone have synchronisticly been around economy as well :

 In Interzone Academy, two new articles on economy in the Zone at: IV Nouvelle économie (janvier 2002): A Bilan des deux années écoulées et B Proposition d'une structure communautaire à l'échelle d'Interzone The translation in English is accessible from the page through the translation program Voila.

 Martin Sin Illusiones from Argentina is one of the editors of a small fanzine HUECOCIELO he is making with Cosmodelia, a Spanish Zoner.

Miguel in Spain is sending the folowing mail :

Forwarding a mail from Miguel :

From: miguel alonso To: Baudron Isabelle Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 10:11 PM Subject: news

hi there iz,

nice news from the zone that you sent. looks like people's moving. gotta study that jajouka festival. it would be nice to go.

more news: a friend from sevilla and me we are going to the barcelona meeting against globalization to film a documentary. it scares. there's a new number of the zine "laSintoteca," maybe soon on the net. new contact at, friends from a coruña. they can do amazing things.

at the moment i'm working in a new project: a geopolitical map of the world in the net, with first hand info about the conflicts. we need contacts. have some in colombia and venezuela. can you display the message in next report?

la sintoteca#2 is on the net:

and #1 also:



 Literature :

THE LAST EUROPEAN INTERVIEW An Interview with William Burroughs By Philippe Mikriammos

Kenji Siratori <> 's book : Blood Electric will be published in May.

The second French tome of "The Time of the Naguals": "Département de Sémantique Générale, de Philosophie et d'Histoire" has been completed. It is available, I can send it to you in zipped word files if you want it.

 Detoxification :

 0110 has kicked using dextromethorphan and is going to send a report on it.

 Hans Plomp has been making research on an experimental treatment using ibogaïne : and says it allows to get rid of addiction very quickly.I have not had the time to consult the information on it on the net, but it seems there is quite a lot.

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IV Nouvelle économie (janvier 2002): A Bilan des deux années écoulées et B Proposition d'une structure communautaire à l'échelle d'Interzone The translation in English is accessible from the page through the translation program Voila.

A Thanksgiving Prayer by William Burroughs :

Le Taxidermiste: and

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ljpickford <> Good WSB Interview

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All the best to you.


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