Report of July 21st 1999

Fred Tomaselli "New Jerusalem" 1998

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Hi Zoners,

Hope you are well. Here everything is fine. Here are the latest progresses of our entreprises :

The commercial site :

Chiki, Vincent, Steve, Scott and Pierre have ben giving advises about the prices and what they got themselves. My server is proposing a space for 250 fr (40 $) / month . Here Pierre and Vincent advised i-France which is free, but just when I was looking at it, Dean , from, offered to host us for free.

So this is a 100 % pure Interzone commercial site, with free technical help from the Zone, a free server from the Zone (Dean has been making the Bulgarian translation of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah, with Ivan Tonev, who still is in Bulgaria), and productions of the Zone.

Yesterday was made a request for the domain name : The site Interzone Productions, presently at will move there nwhen it's registered, with some changes, as it was just a quick first draft. I'll make it with Chiki and Dean.

Any advise welcome concerning business on the web.

First about the financial aspect, I propose we see altogether how to make it. I'm just a learner at the moment, and the result requires a common work. Also a number of Zoners are involved in this, through writings, musics, etc., and this is your work, so what do we do with it ? How are we gonna share the benefits of the sales ?

Second, concerning the rules of commercial game which I have begun to studdy, I got some observations to make from a non-aristotelian point of view, which I'll share in a page in the site : see soon at : I propose we have a debate on money in a near future, and the ways we might apply to economy and gestion in the frame of the Zone some basic rules of general semantics.

The anthology :

I have practically finished to class the different tomes in English. There are 8 tomes : you will find the contents on the web in the commercial site when it's on line, , so those of you who want to get it can buy it then : I'll print them when you order them. I'll send the URL when the page is ready. Whatever, it should be somewhere in when it's on line.

The hotel :

The info on the place we are interested in are more precise : after seeing directly with the authorities in the matter, it appears that the cost to adapt the hotel to the norms of security, related to a way out in case of fire, require an expense of maximum 100 000 fr. Now as long as they have not been done, the hotel is illegal, which lowers considerably the price of the business.

As far as the walls are concerned, the owner is thinking about selling them. We might consider rather buying the walls , which represent something tangible. Let me know in case you are interested. We can start just with the bar and the restaurant, while making the necessary repairs for the hotel, which are not huge. The place is presently working, and 3 people live on it, with the hotel running.

Cafe-philo at the Gil bar and general semantics :

The meetings are interrupted between summer and will start again in September. I have lent some of my writings and translations on general semantics to the Jean-François Chazerans, from the cafe-philo association for him to have a look during his holidays.

About general semantics, an anthology of French articles have been gathered in a book called "Département de sémantique générale et de philosophie" by Interzone. It will be aivalable through Interzone Productions in the commercial site.

We have not got time yet to start the recording of courses of GS on CD. Shall take care of this later, in August probably.

In case some of you are interested in being part of an international group of general semantics, we can make a group of translators in the Zone to translate the mail texts in your own languages. I'm gonna see with some organisations likely to be interested and to support this financially.

CD projects :

Steve and Paul are working at it and gathering the recordings at : ; you can send them to ;

Same in France with Pierre's project Music for Dreamachine : . Deadline : October. Several new pages there.

New web pages and sites :

BlackWolfca :

Pierre Belouin Music for Dreamachine :

Jeremy Gluck : :

- Surrendered To My function

- The Benefactor :

Assassin :

Scott Licktein : New technology, IPIX.

Bryan Kilburn and Studio X Presents

Have a look at Genesis P Orridge's new site :

  • In the Western Lands and Interzone Academy :

Read more poems by Phranco Fenderson's at :

the page "News 5" contains the exhibitions which have happend this month;

A new page : Door to the 3 sites : , from where the menus of The Western Lands , Interzone Academy and Interzone Productions are accessible. You can bookmark it to surf in the sites more easily, because they are getting thick now and rather labyrinthic to travel into without indication.

The following pages have been modified or updated :, , &

Don't forget to have a look Genesis P Orridge's new site :

Tee-shirts again :

While the one Pierre printed last year is still ok here, the attempt made with a printed pic with computer and ironned on the tee-shirt is disastrous, as the picture is falling apart after 3 or 4 washings. Though as the idea of Burroughs' and Interzone's tee-shirt was successful (we could not honour all the orders, more important than the tee-shirts), I haved asked the 3 Suisses ( if they would make some with our pics and sell them in their catalogue. They have transmitted the proposition to the concerned services, and I keep you updated if anything comes from here. (The 3 Suisses and La Redoute sell clothes and house stuff through catalogues . Several times in the year, you can get lower prices : the only place I know where to get Levis or Doc Martens stuff 40 % less than usual price).

We might make an Interzone clothes label. Is anybody interested in this ?

The Zone's services :

Interzone doc : Interzone 23 :

For the time of your chat appointments of the 23rd : see and the worldclock : . You can meet other Zoners all day in the chat of (and the reste of the time too) I'm generally on line in the evening here and early night, between 10 pm and after midnight, in the Interzone Coffee House, Interzone in and in mIRC. My ICQ # : 3146693

This report will be on the web at

Much thanks for your work, involvement and support.

Have a happy summer.



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