Interzone report of May 21st1999


Hi Zoners,

I hope you are all well.

This will be a short report because I got not much time presently : on the point to go to Poitiers for work : got one proposition for another expo and conference, and shall let you know what comes then about the opportunities and new directions.

Vincent in Poitiers is also interested in working on a historical video and we are gonna work at the scenario. Pierre in Paris is prepairing an expo and CD, which he asks me to be part of.

So these are different directions.

About the commune and getting a place somewhere, the two Zoners from India , Bugs and Ruben, both advise Goa as a nice, cheap and safe place and are ready to get involved and help us. It seems to be rather popular in the Zone as well, as all the Zoners I consulted about it were enthousiastic. I keep in touch with Bugs and Ruben for the prices; they both will be there in this summer : Ruben in July and Bugs in August.

Patrice and Koulin in Africa can also help to find something in Abidjan, to rent or buy, where it seems it's cheap as well.

Concerning the money we got on the zone account, I want to be a common one, let's say, rulling the money of the zone as an order : the work is common for the anthology I'm printing : no possibility to share the money in a fair way. You generally tell me to keep it for me, due to my personal work in the zone, but the common account seems to me more useful to invest my personal work in it than keeping it for me, as the results are much interesting and productive if it's common. Now when I get work, as the expos or conferences I make, then this can be my money. Though for the ones involving the zone's production, it seems to me logical it goes to the Zone.

I also propose that this money can be used for zoners who need it : at the moment we got nearly no money, but in some times, we might, so in case of need, I'll consult you about it.

 In the productions of music,

Steve and Paul are gathering the files you send to them at and prepairing the CD. There is a lot of stuff to gather, I have some myself which has to be improved, as well as the tapes and recordings you sent.

They are getting organized with Binda 23 who created a yahoo club , who dedicates it to the music project , so you can send your mails there and access to all the ones which are sent on the subject. You can also meet for chats about it.

For the pressing and selling, here is what Paul says :

cds are costing 1 each (in U.K) paper & ink minimal (laser printer) so i will charge 1 +postage.

i was thinking of this project as Non-Profit Proliferation and as an experiment, i think the most important thing is effective advertising, thru the interzone, related sites, anyone who wants to put an ad on their site also in fanzines etc.

i will only press a cd when an order comes in for one rather than a mass pressing.

i would only be able to handle approx 1-2 orders a day so if it really took off i would certainly need assistance in the production of the cd. anyone who wants to press copies can, i can send them a master if need be.

i was thinking of paying 10 to make ten from my own costs and send out to the artists who contribute
so if each artist doesnt mind putting something towards the cost of this that would be cool

and also sending some copies off to various underground zines for review so any contatcs/ help towards this would be reatly appreciated.

any help anyone wants to give suggestions/ideas would be great, the project should not be seen as owned by anyone, rather that there are a couple of co-ordinators who are catalysts in the generation.

only thing to do right now for me is waiting for more tracks and artists................

Pierre has created a new label : Optical Sound, and is prepairing a CD Music for Dreamachine.

For the anthology :

I have not got anything from the printer in US who was supposed to send me a postal mail, but Andrew is working with him and offers to deal with him directly from US, which will be easier. I propose we ask him for a black and white printing of the anthology, and besides, have a book of pics and illustrations printed as well, which would gather ouw own productions, Burroughs and Gysin pics, paintings, illustrations, collages, etc... See what you think.

I can print it here right now with the color printer, the result is great actually, on canson white sheets , which are cheaper than drawing paper (100 for 4 $ instead of 12 for 4 $ !!!)

I am printing copies of the French Time of Naguals and have sold 2, as well as 2 of my personal books.

The money goes on the account of the Zone : I'll tell you how much we got exactly when I get all the money. At the moment, we got about 166 $ with a $ at 6 fr.

Here I created a new site : Interzone Productions, to order the two other ones which are packed and really messy now.

So you can find the different rubrics of our productions there .

I propose that it becomes a common site, where Zoners who product their art can load it themselves : if you want to make it, let me know and I'll give you the code.

In the dreamachine rubric, there are the scanned plans of Brion's dreamachine, which a friend gave me in a French translation of the Temple Press book : this is the first time I see it after hearing about it since a long time and find it absolutely great ! I'll scan it when I get a minute.

The site Interzone Academy also is restructurated : several short menus : see below in the rubric : new pages

In the general semantics department, I have deleted the translation of Korzybski's seminar which might have led to copyright problems, and added the courses if GS in the frame of the group B 23 (magazine "Objectifs") : no risk here J . (sorry, in French, but you can pass it in Alta vista to get a rough translation ).

About translation, Mickael Goolsby has created a Rewriting department : he has begun to correct the English translation of the article the Time of the Naguals : see :

In the research on detoxication, all the files sent by Dr Carlsson are on the net see the last article Propranolol treatment in chronic alcoholic outpatients by C. CARLSSON at : . So this rubric is complete now.

There also is a department of psychiatry and psychology with an article of Dr Roger Gentis for a symposium of psychiatry in feb. 98 : and more articles from the magazine "Objectifs" by thr group B 23

And a department of phisolophy at

  New wrtitings you sent :

Michail Goolsby : correction of The Time of the Naguals :

Littlemute : Littlemute Littlemute Cut-up from Jim Goad text

Phranco Fenderson : The Stupor Droop (Or How to Teeter and not Tatter)

The Poems in the Interzone Coffee House :

Jérome Pintoux : L'auberge du chien du XIIème siècle

Rick Gentry : Poems

Vincent : Correspondance

New pages and sites :

The Latest Debris :

Binda 23 :

Dead Joe : Steve Ray : site for the Interzone music project :

BINDA23is opening a new Yahoo club at :

Pierre Belouin : Optical Sound :

reynald drouhin > 

 a g e n t o f d i s c o r d has gone - -

agent 1914 : information aquisition..... or

JEREMY S GLUCK the latest issue of the Spiritech mailing list, number 2. Spiritech Foundation:

Dead Joe : Forked Yew :

agent 1914 : "the 'friendly' alien"

Bernard BACOS : 'Le Paris branché des années 70' (Real Player recordings of rock groups : Gong, Dashiell Hedayat, Lard Free, Crium Delirium, Métal Urbain et le single de Schizo (futur Heldon) 'Le Voyageur', avec la voix du philosophe Gilles Deleuze et

Pierre Belouin : Music for Dreamachine :

reynald drouhin : nouvelle version du projet "métaorigines" envoyer votre participation...

 See the rest of the news which happened this month in the News page :

I hope I'll back on the 23rd for the chat. I'll let you know.

Love and take care J


Report of June 1999