Interzone report of June 21st 1999

Hi all,

Big change this month as I have moved to Poitiers since May 25thand presently living at Vanessa's flat until I get a flat at the end of the week , so things should be fixed then. Much thanks for the ones who proposed help, but everything is ok now. I must say I'm very dumbfounded by the social services here, very efficient and quick : I already got a minimum pension, free card for bus, helps to put up projects, and money back for the flat if I need it !!! I'm getting some money from the state since this month, which allows to go on the Zone without getting a full time job. This week, I'm following a course of gestion at the chambre de commerce which started today, where they help people to build up their projects. My family is helping me as well, so no problem anymore here.

Commercial site :

Chiki advises to make a commercial site of Interzone Productions, and thinks we should get a domain name, as or .com. I must admit this is new to me, so Chiki says he can help and give advises. I got no time to work at it at the moment, but shall do it when I get my own place next month.

The hotel project :

I have been visiting places for sale and asking for info at the Chambre de Commerce here as they know all of them and can say which ones are worth being bought. There are several in front of the station, and one hotel-bar restaurant which still is in activity after 45 years, and the old landlord must quit as she is 75. It's clean, and offers many possibilities : one bar space with about 7 small tables, and long benches (a bit old, I noticed), then a restaurant room, and another one behind with a glass round cupola which can be lifted for the cigaret smoke. The style is the one you can find in Maigret's movies of the sixties, but kind of smart. The place was famous in Poitiers when in full activity, but due to the age of the owner, it has decreased during the past years. Then the 12 rooms which are ok, but old : they have to be painted after sometimes, which can be done progressively. 7 rooms got TV sets which belong to the owner of the hotel.

The business is worth 300 000 fr according to the agent, which seems to be among the lower prices of the prices of business here. The place is to rent 6000 fr per month. I asked if the walls are for sale and it seems that it's a possibility the owner of the building had foreseen sometimes ago, but they have to ask for confirmation. France has this notion of "business", separated from the walls : it's supposed to represent the value of the clients, but it seems it's a symbol which does not represent anything real, and I'm gathering the datas to see if the place is worth it. We' also got to see if the repairs do not make the price too high.

I first presented a project on this place at the chambre de commerce, and they found it realistic and well constructed, so they offer free courses of gestion and free advisers. The guy I met advises to make a commercial society for the hotel business, and an association for the Interzone Production. So both would be independant, and the status of the association can allow to get money from the city, the region, etc…, for cultural project.

Anyway, I won't get involved in anything if it comes out there are few chances of succeed, but if they advise to go and give help to start (one year without taxes), then ride on !!!!!!! Now I'm not alone here as another Zoner, Iggy, is ivolved in it as well and proposes to invest after he has seen it, if he finds the place is worth it. He got business experience, and it seems the both of us can start it. In case more of you are interested in becoming part of the future society, let us know.

Café philo and general semantics :

I'm in touch with a philosophic association here which gathers once a week in a café , teachers for the most of them, and debate on a subject chosen among the ones proposed by the people. Now I hope through this to introduce general semantics to the French universitarians, as as Korzbyski's books have not been published in French translation, except "La carte et le territoire", a gathering of texts by Korzybski, published in latest October by Michel Valensi, this discipline is unknown here. So I hope they find it interesting after reading my translations and work. Jean-François Chazerans, the president, bought "Le Carrefour des Impasses". I'm lending them some of our writings so then can take time to consider them.

Vanessa's magazine :

At work Vanessa is in charge of a magazine of publicity and prepairing an issue on cars for November. I showed her a 3D pic Edwin had just sent of an air car, designed by Brian Kilburn (Studio X ) and she is interested in using it, as well as other original stuff the Zone can send. So if you got original stuff on cars, just let us know  .

The next issue of the magazine in September is on the year 2000, new technologies, potentialities, mutations, etc. In case you got ideas (it's a vast subject), you can send them as well. We could make something on the Zone, he he he .

The Zone's writings :

Jérome Pintoux is looking for a publisher for a book about Bob Dylan, with analysis and comments of the songs. He lives here in Poitiers too.

I have been printing several books which I can sell. Here they are :

- "Le Temps des Naguals" tome 1 by Interzone

- "Le Temps des Naguals" tome 2 by Interzone.

The whole is about 300 pages, and a part of it is in French-English version.

- "Département de Sémantique Générale et de Philosophie" by Interzone Academy : it gathers French texts on GS or structured on GS, and texts of philosophy writen by Vincent and Frantz, a friend of him, both students in philosophy.

- "Le Carrefour des Impasses" by Isabelle Baudron

- "Des Systèmes de Contrôle : techniques de contrôle et stratégies de non-contrôle" by Isabelle Baudron

- "Projet Académies" by Isabelle Baudron

To come later :

- "The Time of the Naguals" tome 2 (cut-ups), tome 3 (articles), tome 4 (poems), tome 5 (short stories), tome 6 (theatre), tome 7 (exchanges), tome 8 (Interzone history and documents).

- A book of Burroughs and Gysin pics, and illustrations of the Zone.

The printing costs 25 centimes for a sheet A4. At the moment I sell the books 1 fr a page => books like "Le carrefour des Impasses " or the book on control systems is sold 100 fr and costs me 25 fr. Time of printing : 2 hours for each. When we got the commercial site, then we can sell them through the web.

Video :

Vincent has been making a video, for UNI, for which he got a 16/20. If any of you are interested in gathering films, videos, etc, as we do for the CD and writings, let me know.

CD projects :

An international forthcoming compilation Deadline October 1999
Will be released in Cd/Vinyls on Optical Sound Label, and distributed by :Wave Record Shop
( Cold Spring Records ( will be also available on the web in Real Audio and MP3 (
All informations about this compilation at this adress. Send your title at : Pierre Belouin 50, rue de l'arbre sec 75 001 Paris
Those taking part at this day are probably :
"RAMUNTCHO MATTA" (fr Paris) /
"BLUE BABOON" (fr Villeurbanne) /
"ASPIC" (fr Lyon)/
"DARKY" (fr Villeurbanne)/
"F4F" (u.s Las Vegas) /
"SERGE COMTE" (fr Paris) /
"LTNO "(fr Paris) /
"STEPHANE THIDET" (fr Paris) /
"ALAIN MICHON" (fr Paris)/
"ERIK MINKINEN" (fr Paris)/
"ULTRA MILKMAIDS" (fr Dijon) /
to be continued...

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Much thanks for your involvement and support.

All the best for your holidays :)




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