Tee-shirts pics

The technic for the tee-shirt is (nearly) ready : for the print, you can choose the pic you want printed . Here are some you can take, or use to make your own graphic. Burroughs' pics by Baud are without copyright.

I'll include the name of the illustrators at the bottom of the pic on the tee-shirt.


1. WSB -Agent Iz by Baud

2. WSB sign by Baud

3. Fire-place by Baud

4. WSB on stage by Baud

5. WSB and Psychic TV

6. WSB23 by Garrison Burke

7. Burroughs-Ginsberg : photograph unknown

8. WSB face1 by Baud

9. WSB face2 by Baud and Kitamura Masashi


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