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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone






« Modified corn dollys' literary circle » by Paul O’Donovan


Hi all,


This first report of 2006 contains a number of new events, and January has been a very lively and thick month, full of energy.

But first I forward to the Zone the best wishes for 2006 of Yannick Chosse, who offers a calendar – clock with an alarm to download for free, to put on your computer: .,  and from Foe who sends this video”Moskau” from the group DSCHINGHIS KHAN made in the seventies which I did not know . Quite good actually !



Galleries :


The Master Musicians of Joujouka :

First I received a mail from Frank Rynne sending the URL of the site of the Master Musicians of Joujouka , and then pictures he has taken in December, to include in a gallery :  You can see the result at : , , ,, , ,  .


Brion GysinRamuntcho Matta :

And the next day, Ramutcho Matta sent a number of pictures of Brion and him from 1982 :,,,,,


Two new pages by Paul O’Donovan  :

Paul sent more illustrations you can see at : and


New books :


Kryptadia : by Glen Freeman :

Philip Beitchman has sent this book he has written the introduction of., printed by TB Enterprise.   It contains a number of illustrations by Ron Rozewski : This is a text that affords, incites and rewards rereading, not only because it deals with (the only) ultimate issues – mortality, pre-eminently, - then truth, love, friendship, art, and (the very possibility) of solitude… but also by way of its fascinating and immensely variegated style – at once personal, austere, nostalgic, trenchantly and intensely insightful, - by turns (especially self-) critical, arrogant, scholarly, analytical, often lyrical and musical, full of haunting refrains and poetic and philosophical citation, and culminating sumphonically with some remarlable poetry – in short Dostoevskian“ Philip Beitchman.


“Un Espion dans le Corps de Quelqu’un” :

I have gathered the investigations written in « Reportes Rédacteurs d’Interzone » in a book entitled “Un Espion dans le corps de Quelqu’un” (“A spy in somebody else’s body "). The contents is on line at


“Insanity Factory” by Joshua Berlow :

It is now available as an on-demand ebook. It costs $5 US and there's a paypal button on the sales page which can be reached through his blog


New texts :


Poems by Kim Kerze:

Kim in Australia sent some poems on Patti Smith, Burroughs, Kerouac, Corso, Artaud and Rimbaud :


Michel Cousy : Méta système du Temps : Meta system of Time :

Both in French and English  at ; Interzone song at  Have a look at his site : the pictures of nature are really great, and his links have really nice sites. A very cool and refreshing visit.


Interview of Gerard Malanga in Le Monde :

The newspaper Le Monde published an interview of Gérard Malanga (December 31st 05). You can read it in French  in the blog Interzone news in the news of this month.



Video :


Burroughs video :

Patricia Elliot sent the URL of a Burroughs ‘ video at home with some frieds, among whom Patti Smith : « There is a great home video of William on  : William S. Burroughs and friends (video by Wayne Propst) (Added Dec. 16, 2005) I especially liked all the scenes where David Ohle is cooking in the background. It was great to see it. Wayne Propst put it out. Really nice to hear the old man go on. I think it is Steve Bucemi playing in William's chair. It reminded me of a hundred nights. » The URL of the video is


Blogs :


Grazulis :

From the travellers’ side, Gary is going to fly to China very soon. See his Blogs at and photos he took there during his latest trip there at flickr


Le blog du non-A :

As my blogs in Le Monde, “Bienvenue à Interzone”, and in blogspaceInterzone news”, are both related to the Zone, I created a personal blog  to include non-Aristotelian comments of actuality in Blogspirit through the light of general semantics  : “Le blog du non-A” in reference to Alfred Van Vogt’s books : at . Comments welcome.


The Wherling Dervish :

Listen to their music at


Joshua Berlow’s Cyberspatial Horrorshow :


Interzone news :

Interzone news of January are in Blog space at .


Bienvenue à Interzone :

They appear in French in my blog in le Monde at


Violence_jack :  New recordings, pictures and video at


Music :


The Whirling Dervish :

Listen to their music in   

See the pics of their concert at Suzy’s on January 11th :


Interzone compilation 2 :

If the musicians have songs or music to include in it, feel free to send them. At the moment, I have Lucas Pickford’s record with his song "Hot Shot" and his poem "the Burroughs Millions" Burroughs’ recordings . I have things being prepared from my side, but need time to concentrate on it.


CD of SALA available :

Vasha  sent the two CD of SALA : "En-trance" (industrial/tribal muzik) and "Scut ente Ring worts" (soundrack for dream machine and message of Hassan ib Sabah You can get them, as well as the other records, at +37060492762.

The members of SALA would like to perform in Europe : you can join them ti this email for concerts and exhibitions.


Groups :


Agriculture bio :

Jean-François Rivière, a journalist working for magazines on agriculture , just created the yahoo group Agriculture bio at See his CV at


Art and Lebanon :

FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE FILM ET VIDEO DE CREATION. 2-5 Mars 2006. Empire Sofil. Nouvelles images en mouvement 2nd Edition From 2nd till 5th of Mars, 2006 At Cinema Empire Sofil – Beirut Program at:


Non-Aristotelian economy :

I have included the paragraph of the latest report on a non-A globalisation in the rubric “non-Aristotelian economy” : see

VI January 2006 : a non-Aristotelian globalization ? :


Sites :


Optical Sound  : See the details of the month in the news page of January at  


the lazarus corporation news & updates :  See the details of the month in the news page of January at  


New pages on line:


In Interzone sites :


Interzone new :


The Master Musicians of Joujouka : , , ,, , ,  .


Brion GysinRamuntcho Matta :,,,,,


Two new pages by Paul O’Donovan  : and


“Un Espion dans le Corps de Quelqu’un” :


Le blog du non-A :Le blog du non-A


Bienvenue à Interzone :


Interview of Gerard Malanga in Le Monde :


Poems by Kim Kerze:


January 2006 : a non-Aristotelian globalization ?  :


Reporters Rédacteurs d’Interzone :


Update of the pages Interzone galleries: and Information on Interzone, Zone rubrics, reports, news and clubs


Menu of Interzone Library :


Virus and spams senders : "Pas vu pas pris, pris pendu !" (suite) : .



In the other Zoner’s sites :


The Master Musicians of Joujouka :


Yannick Chosse : agenda  with clock and alarm :


Insanity Factory by Joshua Berlow :


Michel Cousy : Méta système du Temps : Meta system of Time :


Burroughs’ video :


Foe’s blog Violence_jack :


Grazulis ‘s blog : and flickr


The Wherling Dervish :


Josha Berlow’s blog :


Two CDs of SALA :


Optical Sound  :


The Lazarus Corporation :


This report is on line at The French version will be on line soon at


For those who fancy to hear French music, my favourite French song of the month is “Ya du monde” by Sandrine Kiberlain : you can see the video and hear the complete song in her site : To view the video, go to the “Video” page and click on the last song “Ya du monde”. Good music, good lyrics, and great video !!!!!!!!!!!







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