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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 400 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developed here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone



"Identity Crisis in the Powder Room"



 by Paul O’Donovan


Hi all,

Spring has come, my favourite season ! Full of energy here, so I have been doing a thousand things, and as a result, I am late for the sending in this report. Whatever, here are the Zone’s adventures of last month.

dreamachine in geneva:

With 10111 we have settled a dreamachine et other objects near a window / space of expo in Geneva. The dreamachine can be seen from the street up to May 20th. Visits and sessions on appointment through the phone number on the window.



Concert of SALA:

Hello, at link U will find some pics from the party in our home town Utena. Among all great djs there was SALA performing live. Those, who know, will recognize us. Have a nice flick. Sincerely yours, Vaidas, Portas, Vasha

 Mieli tautieciai, zemiau sios zinutes yra adresas, kuriuo rasite Utenoje vykusio tooso nuotraukas. Be visu nauju kylanciu zvaigzdziu, grojo sena zvaigzde SALA:). Tie, kurie zino, ras.
Visada pagarbiai jusu,
 Vaidas, Portas, Vasha



Ramuntcho Matta : Mes plus grands succès :

Ramuntcho has completely remade his site  and dedicated one to his lattest CD “Mes plus grands succes” at where you can listen to the songs.

You can buy it through Optical Sound at


Compil Zone:

Concerning the project of music compilation, I suggest that, due to the number of musicians in Interzone, the ones who want to be part of it send one of their songs. At the moment, Lucas Pickford sent one CD with his poem :” The Burroughs Millions” and Burroughs’ recordings.


Panoramic movies:

This month I received URL using panoramic movies with Quick Time VR :

- some films made by Yannick Chosse, really astonishing : : click on each image and view. The ones in the churches are dumbfounding : you can see them more precisely under each angle better than if you were inside !

- Michel Cousy has been using the same technic in his site with illustrations realized by Paul O’Donovan in the rubric “Dreams”.

Archives of INA:

The INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) in France is putting on live the archives of French TV since some decades : 80 % of them for free.


Art and Lebanon

Thursday 20th of April at 7pm Man Ray : Films approx. 67 mn. Silent
This screening presents the four films that established Man Ray as one of the  major figures of the1920s avant-garde cinema: Le retour à la raison and Emak Bakia (influenced by the Dada movement), L¹Etoile de mer (a surrealist film) and Les Mystères du château du (surrealist undertones).
Entrance: 3000 LL


New illustrations by Paul O’Donovan:,

Among them, a picture of Mohammed Choukri taken by Lyman Andrews in Tangiers in 1970 and one of Burroughs’ son, Billy.


Mohammed Choukri

“Photo by Lyman Andrews, 1970 – Tangiers, between the patron of the cafe and his son.

The café was a frequent meeting place for artists and writers - particularly 'beats'.”  Paul O’Donovan.


William Burroughs’resources :

Lucas Pickford has sent a number of URL:

Burroughs family grave: This is some footage of the Burroughs family grave plot in St. Louis Burroughs

Bill Reading - "Thanksgiving Prayer" : Burroughs

Tony and Bill Burroughs

Ginsberg -Six Gallery Reading of Howl: Ginsberg

"Mindwrecker" - William Burroughs Edition: Burroughs

I have added them to the page on Burroughs and Gysin’s resources, which has been remade :


General semantics:

Several things this month :

* I have been invited on April 12 by Vanessa Biard, from the Institute of General Semantics, to a debate with the minister of culture, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. I met Vanessa for the first time, and it was a great introduction and context to meet.

* Yannick Chosse has finished to fix the forum which was hacked last month by hackers . The whole contents is there just as before, so no doc was lost. A big thanks to him for the great work !!!!!!!!!!!!

* The list “société francophone de sémantique générale”  is very active at the moment. We are putting up a group for  translations.

* The “Institute of General Semantics” at has put up a library on line at which gathers a number of important books and articles available on GS.

* le blog du non-A: :

Some explanations here : Yves Gigou is a psychiatric head nurse who is starting a petition for the defence of what is called here « la psychiatrie de secteur » (psychiatry of sector) . Due to the “deregulation of the public services”, here, as I suppose in the most of the countries, psychiatry is going down, with less and less credits and staff. The whole evolution which happened here after WW2, the opening of asylums, the movement of institutional psychotherapy spread by Jean Oury, Felix Guattari and Roger Gentis, and the alternatives in psychiatry in different domains are being swept. The present nurses trainings, which have been reshaped, do not teach anything about them. As a result, there is no transmission of the knowledge in the psychiatric field, all the headways at the human level of the last decades are rubbed out, and the conditions of cares and work are becoming disastrous. In the meantime, the cost of health is increasing, as the methods of management  here are much more expensive that before due to expenses without relation with health of real people ( though they pretend their aim is to save money. So this petition gathers professional in psychiatry who do not accept that, and I support it.

Real estate:

I have been looking for houses for sale in the area, and now have a more precise idea of the situation at the moment.  In  spite of the explosion of the prices of real estate in the most of the country, for 20 000 euros one can still find old farms to repair with land around in the countryside, or a whole 3 floors building with a shop at the first floor downtown.

If Zoners still like the idea, in spite of the previous failures in this domain, we can go on. Personnally the conditions from my side are better than before, and after  the experience of the previous attempts, I feel more comfortable . Also I have contacts with all the real estate agencies in town, which can give info about what’s on the market.

So here the plan is not to rent anything, as for the hotel project in Migné-Auxance in 1998 or the one which was falling down I rented in Coulanges in 2003, but to buy it in the frame of the Zone : 20 000 euros split among 20 people represents an expense of 1000 euros per person. Or we can buy it by square meter, or consider any other idea that might come later on. 

In the countryside there are some places with wood, which allow to be self sufficient for heating, and with the land, we can grow our food and get chicken  and eggs : become self-sufficient for the food.

For the visas, Americans who become owners here do not have the tourist visas problems : with a property, you come in your home.

This way we can put up a way of life

Then we can fix it together with ecobuilding technics, much cheaper than usual building, and the way we want. And then when we are fed up with it, we can sell it a better price, and share the money we get from it.


For those who grow vegetables, you can get old varieties at

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Optical Sound  :


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Non à la destruction de la psychiatrie de secteur:


New site of Didier Devillez in Brussels :


Burroughs family grave: This is some footage of the Burroughs family grave plot in St. Louis Burroughs

Bill Reading - "Thanksgiving Prayer" : Burroughs

Tony and Bill Burroughs

Ginsberg -Six Gallery Reading of Howl: Ginsberg

"Mindwrecker" - William Burroughs Edition: Burroughs


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All the best.




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