Interzone report of October 21st 1998


Hi all,

This month, some news after the week-long trip I did at the beginning of the month to the Zoners here and the contacts established then :

I'm writing an account , in the frame of the rubric Gary has begun in his site: Interzone meets outside of cyberspace : see a bit later there when it's finished.


  1. I could meet 3 publishers :

He asked me if we can put it on the web, which I agree with, so he is gonna send me the disk. It seems the most accurate would be to put it on different sites, to avoid irrelevant associations between GS and specific other domains. Let me know if you want to host some chapters . I'm submitting a list of our sites to him so he can have a look and see where it would fit the best according to him. We can also create a special space for GS in future. As a result, we are probably gonna take extention in the domain of GS in putting on line original writings. Michel is Hakim Bey's publisher in France, publishes mainly books of philosophy and is distributed by the Presses Universitaires de France.

I am getting in touch with Mrs Read from the Institute of General Semantics, who owns the copyrights for Korzybski's books and was her assistant in the past, about my translation of his seminars at Olivet College, and about the work done about GS in the site Western Lands, and shall let you know what comes next. I'm not a member of the French European Society of General Semantics anymore since last month, having stopped to pay the members fee, but keep on working with the translators of the group.


2. I also met Ramuntcho Matta , who worked several years with Brion and is producing recordings of poems, music and readings Brion made , as well as his own music : Ra has been making several CD : 6 CD in two albums of music and poems of Brion, and a record of poems . Wonderful work on original sources Brion gave him. !!!!!!! I'm very impressed really. If you want to get them, write to him at :

Following Ramuntcho's advice, I have written to Gérard-Georges Lemaire, a French translator of Burroughs who works for Christian Bourgois, about the Temps des Nagual which I sent to this publisher last month. I transmitted to him at the same time the versions of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah we are translating for the CD, to communicate them to Burroughs' agents, for their agreement concerning the copyrights. I let you know about the results of all those sendings.


3. For the label record and his proposal to make it with 100 people giving 100 $, several of you have answered and think we can make it. In exchange of the 100 $, every participant would get 10 CD he can then sell or give as he wants to. In case you are broke and want to make it, you can also send 50 $ and get 5 CD in exchange.

Ra proposes we give ourselves one month to make it and see who answers. So if you can make it and are interested, please, let us know before the next report of November 21st.

 See the forum on it already :


4. The hotel and community :

(Semantic clarification : until now in this rubric, I have been using the term "commune" to talk about a physical organization of comunity life, but some English friends here said the term "commune" has a political connotation in English, related to communist ideology, which I was not aware of.

I use the same term in French, in the meaning I heard it the most employed in Quebec, where it has no such political acception, just meaning a community life, where people manage altogether to decide of their own structures, rules, and administration of the goods, without any ideology attached. )

I also went to see Iggy in Belgium about the questions of hotel , community life, etc. . It seems that about the hotel near Poitiers (see at the most fittable solution would be to rent the place without the previous business, with a free licence 2 allowing to sell just beer and wine without strong alcools. The hotel rooms would be at the Zoner's disposal when they come for holidays. The rest of the time they could be rented to students monthly, which would bring a constant amount of money and would not require the work of a hotel.

As a matter of fact, the next day I returned from Paris, the owner of the hotel (of the building) phoned after I wrote before leaving:. I told her about our situation, saying what we were looking for, and presenting; myself not as a professional of restaurant, but acting for the group, and she sounds quite receptive and sympathetic.

In case we would like to buy the lattest business including the dishes, beds, tables and chairs, napkings, etc....., we might make an offer to the liquidator, around 8000 fr for the whole (1600 $), and forget about the licence 4 for strong alcohols, which we would not need . So after some of you said they are interested in the project, let me know what you think about this, in the present circumstances, as well as the Zoners who want to come and studdy in France.

At the moment, I am the only Zoner susceptible to work in it practicly, which I cannot assume alone due my lack of experience. Some of you are interested to come and work here, so in case we would be 3 or 4 people, I guess we could make it. Iggy is more interested by a community in the East. In case you are into the idea as well, you can join him at :

Though I told about this hotel projects to a couple of friends here. They find the opportunity interesting and are gonna view the video of the hotel. They are not Zoners as not into Burroughs, but same spirit, so it would be possible to work with them if they acceptto make it in the frame of the Zone. On their side they got a huge old lime kiln they are fixing, with a lot of room, enough to welcome people, and make an expo as well and land around. They are ok to welcome Zoners susceptible to come for a retreat, or a meeting, etc…

Also in case we get the hotel and rent the rooms to students, those rooms would be free in summer, and at the Zone's disposal then, if we decide of a meeting during jully, august or september.

Anyway, these are still hypothesis at the moment. In case I'd get involved with other people here, I suggest we think about an organization for the Zone, for it to have a moral existence, and being definitely the aim of the entreprise, so there would be no risk for it to be used for other personal interests, out of the Zone.


5. Money :

I have just opened an account in the Credit Agricole here, to put the money of the Zone coming from the 10 tee-shirts (see the previous reports for the details) : at this time, we got 50 fr + 16 US $ + 30 australian $ = 225,52 fr. 2 Zoners have not paid their tee-shirts yet.

As a result, and contrary to what I expected, this attempt of making and selling tee-shirts at a small scale, which was originally done to see if we could work together being at different places on the world, also succeeded on the financial level. Much thanks for Pierre Belouin, who bought the tee-shirts, printed them for free, and gave them as his contribution to the Zone, to Foe, who spread them as well in US, and to all the buyers. J

I'll give the amount of the money every month, with a report of the operations.

So for future sendings, you can send a check directly to it at : Code banque : 11706 - Code guichet : 00001 - N° compte : 51379872001 - Cle RIB : 07

Presently, this count is at my name, as we got no formal organization. We have not found any yet susceptible to fulfill our needs, so any suggestion and idea would be welcome in this domain. I guess we got to find one before earning money or putting up anything physical, to avoid any contest afterwards on the use of the money, and for the Zone has a moral existence as such and remains the effective aim of the operations. I keep searching from my side, and tell you the results then.


6. New Interzone chat-room :

Following a mail from announcing the creation of an international floor where we can put up chat-rooms, I created an Interzone chat, with an applet, in the chat-room page : So you access to it directly from the page, get into the room after writing your name or nick in the window which appears, and in clicking on "Enter".

I'll be there on October the 23rd, instead of the room "Music Art and Books " we were using previously.

I am banned from mIRC, after using one day the name of another chat system, which appeared to a robot as an advert for it. As a result, I cannot access to mIRC anymore.

I'm still on ICQ (3146693) so in case your computer has not got Java system for the applet, we can get in touch there. But Interzone chat in can welcome up to 30 people, when ICQ only allows chats for 3 - 4 people.


7. Sites :

New rubrics in other Zoner's sites :

"The Time of Naguals":

One page with Burroughs'pics by Anthony Balch sent by Scott :

Interzone meets outside of cyberspace : : account of Gary's and Tanya's visit in March 1998.

He is gonna put articles on the web you sent for the magazine of the Zone on the Net, and Foe's site as well.

Gary and Foe both had their hard drive fried at the same time just when I went to Paris, so they lost a lot of data and have to get them back, As a result, they could not make the work they had prepaired , so do not be angry at them if some of their pages do not work yet. L

and Scott's site : See his videos , with sound and silent, in Real Player at and a Burroughs' video at .

In case you want to host pages, let me know which ones, and I shall delete them from the site and put your URL in the menu instead.

A web space for the medical research and infos we gathered untill now on different subjects in this area would be useful too .


8. The Last Words 1999 :

Pierre has got a number of music and translation to make the CD. In case you have not sent your translation or music yet and want to make it, let us know .He has planned to press the CD at the end of the year.


9. Medical research :

In the medical domain, we can make a group gathering health professional and sick persons interested to work together on the base of the infos we gathered untill now on different subjects (addiction, increading the defenses of the body, expansion of conscience, depression : minaprine, etc…) . Let me know if you want to be part of it.

See infos on heantos and minaprine in the News2 page. Minaprine is an inhibitor of inhibition invented by the French biologist Henri Laborit : more infos for interested Zoners.)


Between 2 reports, you can find the infos coming in the pages News2, and Next report where I put the ideas and subjects as they come . You will find this one on the web in Gary's site, who now hosts the reports, at :

Thanks for your involvement, participation and support.

All the best.


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