Interzone report of Janyary 21th 1999

Hi all,

1. Meetings all over the world :

This month I got several mails about meetings you might be interested in :
- On February 5th and 6th in New York :
Tribute to William Burroughs and Word virus reading.
- On March 12th, 13th and 14th in Amsterdam :
The Next 5 Minutes 3 - Conference & Festival on Tactical Media organized by Geert Lovink
- on June 26th and 27th : San Francisco :
Pride celebration and parade 1999 *The Ultimate Experience* :
see in the site of :
- in Paris , permanently, see the program of Infozone, by Jens Gehbart,
which is regularly updated :

For the details of those meetings, see in the page "New events" :
where the info is gathered .
See also Reynald Drouin's project : metaorigine, you can be part of : in English on the web at :
You can often check the "New Events" page as it's regularly updated.

2. The anthology :

John Gehner, the Sponsoring Editor who had joined me about our writings is leaving his function for another one and sent me his successor's E-mail. I wrote to him about the printings to send to him, due to the quantity. You have been sending more texts, so I updated again the contents

See what you think with the present presentation : I classed them by rubrics (cut-ups, poems, articles, etc.), rather than by name, for them to be easier to consult. But there are other ways.

In case you sent something which would not be included in the contents, please let me know. I do not think I forgot anything, as I recorded them all and saved them on disks, but in case... I did not suppress anything from your texts, not being a literary authority, and nor able to evaluate properly the literary value of texts written in English.

About having them printed, at the moment, no info from the printers I wrote to : one just answered he is a non-profit printer for independant editors. The other ones did not reply. :(((((
So if you have got addresses of a cheap publisher, please let me know. American ones are far cheaper than French ones, due to the different prices of paper . But we can find one in another country if needed.
see new texts at :

3. The review :

See new pages in Gary's site
(Gary has been updating his site, and changed the URL)
with the beginning of the review :
an article by Jill : Positive Girl :
as an answer to Victor Bockris' article "Negative Girl"
the monthly reports, infos on the Zone, and Burroughs' texts.
See the rubrics : CutUp :
The Zone :
Virus :

4. The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah :

revised page at :
see Dean's and Ivan's Bulgarian translation at :
and Chaya's recording in wav at

5. The Academy :

a) House :
Instead of the hotel, we can rent a house with a garden, for similar prices it seems , so sharing a rent at several would be cheap.

b) Expos :
I'm looking for a place for expos and lectures in Poitiers, to rent in common with other people for a cheap price. I'll let you know what happens then.

c) Treatment :
I'm also in touch with the docs of the Zone, one of them in Poitiers, about a protocole of an efficient and
comfortable cure and post-cure we could apply in the frame of the academy. See the new pages on the web with Burroughs' letter on it and the result of the researches made then:
If you are interested in working at this too, please let me know : we won't never be enough to gather data on the subject, and your experience and knowledge is valuable there.

The aim here is to make the treatment possible for Zoners and people who apply for it, in legal conditions of prescription (apomorphine is easy to prescribe in France) by a liberal doc and nurse, under the regime of home-hospitalisation which is developping here. This means the cares would be taken in charge by the social security, much cheaper for it than cares in a formal clinic or hospital, and more comfortable in a hotel style atmosphere than a hospital.

I'll put the work done on the web when ended with the details of a proposition of cure and post-cure , so you
can make your own critics and suggestions then.

d) General semantics :
This department is taking expansion :
see the new writings on the subject :
- the French translation of Korzybski's seminar at Olivet college :
and others.
- structurel differential revisited by Foe :
- Rick's "Who are you RIGHT NOW" :
- a short extract of Science and Sanity (on symbols and money :
quite good stuff) :
- in a hidden page :

Your feed-backs, texts and thoughts on gs are welcome.

e) The site Interzone Academy :
it's on Geocities and can become a common site in which you can also make pages yourself. If you want to, let me know, I'll give you the infos for it.
- Also new pages in Jeremy's site :

See also in Chiki's site : *Raw Info Central : On-line Community for Creative Individuals
in the world*
You can send him texts, pics, collages, etc... , in the frame of his project.

f) More pages too in the rubric Human Rights :
You can find here are the main texts in this domain : New: a zip with the Convention Europeenne des Droits de l'Homme, which is the text of reference for whole Europe, at

6. Zone's services :

- common E-mail in : lodging name : interzone23
password : hereweare
- You can write to Jim, Interzone doc, at :

7. Chat meeting :

Next meeting in the chats on January 23rd 99, in the evening at Paris time ( about from 10 pm to 1 am ) . For the details and the chats (Interzone in, mIRC) see at :
About the chat, it seems you can only access to it from this page in the site Western Lands, so you can save it, as if nobody is in , it's name does not appear in the list of the chats in the international floor :
For the correspondance of the different times : see the worldclock :

As some of you have been asking the meaning of the Burroughsian expression "Johnson", here his definition :
" The Johnson Family" was a turn-of the century expression to designate good bums and thieves. It was elaborated into a code of conduct. A Johnson honors his obligations. His word is good and he is a good man to do business with. A Johnson minds his own business. He is not a snoopy, self-rightous, trouble-making person. A Johnson will give help when help is needed. He will not stand by while someone is drowning or trapped under a burning car.
The only thing that could unite the planet is a united space program... the earth becomes a space station and war is simply out, irrelevant, flatly insane in a context of research centers, spaceports, and the exhilaration of working with people you like and respect toward an agreed-upon objective, an objective
from which all workers will gain. Happiness is a by-product of function. The planetary space station will give all participants an opportunity to function."
William Burroughs ,"The Place of Dead Roads".

All the best .

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