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Feb 23 1999
11:09PM EST

The Quantum Writing Experiment

As you know WSB I believe got the basic ideas for his Cut -up technique from Bryon Gysin , an artist and transferred the technigue , in his own manner to doing writing cut ups . See Nova Express , I am sure ... parts of Naked Lunch etc.. He did this from what I can gather , to explore the unconcious and the ability for the " NOW " momment to create connections we ... perhaps didn't really see . I heard from Stephen Hawking that Richard Finemann ,
introduced the idea that " not one possible reality was possible but that , in the quantum state of affairs " all possible realities must be considered . " I think this is absolutely true in our lives - whether we know it or not .

Following this pattern of thought , I happened to write Izzy about some ideas I had to augment or add to the " Cut - up technigues " using a different approach . She suggested I put it down here , in this forum , so that we could all - check it out and DO the experiment . Ok . So here it is :

My Letter to her . / Hers will follow , promise !

" I needed to study the letter you wrote ( Izzy ) about writing being related to the Quantum reality or principals .This reminded me that , there was at least one language I knew of ... there may be more ,( Hebrew ) , which uses letters and numbers interchangably . This started me thinking of a process or an idea for an experiment using the following paramenters .

1 ) make a slection of (26) numbers out of , lets say (52) possible numbers . They must be chosen at random ... like the " I Ching " coin toss . It doesn't matter what random method you use really .
Ok , once this is done assign ... also at random the " Numbers " to the (26) Alphabet letters . Now we have 26 numbers each - by random choice - assined to 26 " Letters " .

As in automatic writing a person takes a WSB paragraph _ or whatever . The selected _ numbers are now put to the _letters ; in the paragragh you have chosen , are you with me . Good , he said hopefully . NOw the paragraph should not be recognizable ... right ? But does it possibly have other ideas brought out , that you didn't see at first ? This might prove quite interesting . Also
one can do the above idea in reverse and start with the ... random generator ... and see what the non- linear world is trying to tell you . I hope its ... fairly ah ... good !

This technigue also reminds me of " John Cage's " work , in indeterminacy . He wrote a entirely musical piece based on assigning (64) notes to the I Ching and spent the whole days throwing _ coins to get the notes ( not -determined ) for his musical piece . Its great by the way . So this - acausal approach using the above method may lead us into very interesting places as it allows non-linear conciousness the room to make manefest and not be disrupted by - concious thoughts .

This idea was one of the best " defining " tones of the " Beats " ... most of their work including very much of Burroughs , Keroauc and Allen Ginsberg was mostly made by getting in touch with the unconcious or - super -concious ... mind. This is whay their works are as potent today as the day they were written !

The idea could be used in the following way as a:
code writing machine . Like so:

1 ) Agree on lets say 5 - 10 numeric sets... give then numbers like 60 , 61 , 62 , etc.. This makes sure that a message transmitted in ( set say 60 )would be absolute garbage in any other numeric set . Make sense , in other words , one has to have the right code sent and set to decipher it .

2 ) Agree that a letter also stand for a particular language as in ; 70 . = English , 71 = French , 72 = Spanish 73, = Martian etc ..

3 ) Agree on numbers that stand for paragraph breaks and so on as in ; 80 , = period , 81 = Change in parargraph and so on .

4 ) other numbers could definr other things .

SO , a whole letter or book or any transmission could be sent -used , with this method .

All these prepositions are a starting point , a departure for this idea . This method as in the traditional , " Cut -Up " technique will often produce mumbled garbled nonsense or possibly a vey new view on something . It doesn't take much for a creative person to " get the feel " of a technique and use it very well , WSB is a excellent example.

If interested lets strat experimenting soon and see what happens . There is no right or wrong answers just simply ; actions . I hopw many will take part and this way I am sure we shall find out perhaps ... much more that we thought .It's time to play " fast and loose " and see what this may furnish us . Do you agree ??

Izzy's Letter to me :

Hi Jake ;
Here is your suggestion you wrote the other day on ICQ ; ( thanks Izzy I was too tired to remember.I
have gathered it into one text and thought aboutsending it to the Nova Mob at Yahoo /clubs .

I proposed to afriend my ideas on the Quantum physics angle and he gladly accepted . So we might gather there all the information we can send on the subject. What do you think ?
I think your idea of gathering info in this manner is great ; this is just what I am into . Please see the draft report and see what you think .
!Best Izzy
So folks , please feel free to take this data and experiment . We would appreciate your input and the ideas that came out of all your works and thoughts on the subject !!
I will post so more when get some feed back.
Jakearoo42@hotmail.com You an also drop into my writing site at :
Thanks and good fishing .... Quantum_ly of course.

I take full responsibility for all publishing errors , however be careful this is experi_mental work . Plaese use caution around 'Machine " , wera a helmut and for damm sakes ... Strap yer_own_self in ! Take out " High Risk Insurance " and make any gratuities out to the group .Thanks for listening - stay tooned (-:>>>> BYEeeeeeeeeeeee