Report August 22nd 1997 :

Here are some fresh news. I got 2 messages of publishing offer : i on a web site in New Zealand, one of a lady, but I do not know where she lives. They are interested by my texts about Burroughs and Gysin, but it is only 60 pages and I think we should all profit by them. So I propose to add the texts of the other people who have writen things on B & B.

Now that things more quiet, and we can see them more clearly. What appears from many messages is that their senders are in the same case as me. So I think we should make things together. I do not want to monopolize any opportunity, this is not the aim.

So I am gonna record and class the different things people offer : web sites, literature, music, etc..., subjects of interests and exchanges (third mind, general semantics, cut-ups, etc...) and so it is easier to find people : my reception box is becoming rather crowdy these days.

About the dreamachine, some people propose other ways (making the glasses, disco intermittent spots, etc...) Some send informations about its functioning.

Two therapist want to know about its use for quieting anxious people. No serious research has been done since now about it. We might profit by the opportunity of what we are doing for gathering all the informations and find some "serious" people interested in it, I mean Johnsons who are not necessarily a priori Burroughs fans, who would be susceptible to give us correct informations and the help of which would bring us recognition. Have you got ideas ?


23 Aug 97 :

Here is some huge amount of informations I receive this morning.

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