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"Mirror Gazing ~ telekinetic combustion" by Paul O'Donovan

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J. Ward-Nichols : The 111 Experience

Paul Sinclair :

Scott Lickstein : culturegrounds: NOWhere Limited!

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Agent 1914 : William Brandon III : A Selfish Man: Blogspot The Whirling Dervish William Brandon

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Lucas Pickford : Pick's Band   Some pix and other related stuff. Stop by!! My Poem on Burroughs

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Noah: Another Dreamachine description. : This URL contains plans made for a 45 rpm record player.

Teleferique : Radio robots

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pandaemonium.beta" Dreamachines, wishing-machines et davantage :

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William Burroughs: ten years after:

"The Burroughs Guy" An interview of James Grauerholz

William Burroughs in Lawrence:

Jean-Marc Vincent: Galerie Ecritures:

Underwires : and William Burroughs

Even for the Hipsters, Hustlers and Highjivers

Boa Vista Atlantique Odysée  

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