Interzone report of September 23th 2003

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Hi all,

A busy month once again, but interesting one. At the moment being my own boss is a very relaxing feeling.

Académie 23 :

I have received the agreement of the prefecture here after asking for a help for creation of new enterprises and presenting files on the activity of psychotherapy and the catalogue of the Academie 23, which is good news. So it can start with the blessing of the authorities here.

The site Académie 23 has been revised and completed. It is just starting, and contains my own workshops. But it potentially is opened to Zoners involved in general semantics, non aristotelian teachings, included Burroughs' and Gysin's domains of exploration. The aim is to provide us a way to live through the activities we have been doing for free during 6 years, while putting to the public's disposal domains of knowledge which are not available yet, to fair prices, allowing us to eat and remaining affordable at the same time.

I have created a yahoo group "Société francophone de sémantique générale" for French speaking people, where to put the documents in French to people's disposal : GS is not known here due to the lack of French documments, and it comes out I have a lot.

I have created another group for psychotherapy on line, Psyber Cafe : Membership on resquest, to avoid to be invaded by stupid "trolls" sending spams.

Dreamachine making :

I have ended one painted in blue, with the support same colour, and the new record player Sony bought at La redoute :









2,50 €

2,50 €



Support plus electric supply

47,77 €

47,77 €



Record player

139,99 €

139,99 €



Post fees La Redoute (record-player)

11,99 €

11,99 €



Time of work (10 hours)


153,00 €




Net HT

355,25 €




Post fees

24,00 €




Net à payer

379,25 €

The post fees here are for United Kingdom. Though the Sony recordplayer is not adapted to UK nor US, nor the bulb and electric stuff, due to the voltage, different from France (220 here) and the shape of the plugs. So the best is to buy the same record player in US and UK, which will be cheaper, and much more practical (no transformator needed).

I chose this record player as the turn table is large, as the cylinder must be largerfor a 45 rpm record player (from 10 to16 holes ) than for a 78 rpm (from 6 to10 holes).

So the different pieces here are optional, and one can buy what he really needs.

One point on those dreamachines: trying the ones I have made, it comes out that each raw gives a different effect according to the number of holes experimented,: some give more precise kaleïdosocpic drawings and brilliant couloured lights than others. Each raw has a different rythm inside the alpha band (from 7 to 13 flashes per second). So one can try and find the most efficient rythm for him, when usual dreamachines only provide only one rythm, the same for each raw.


From: "Darnaudet François" <> L'Or du Catalan historical dark novel on the mythic treasure of the Spanish republicans, will be delivered by special delivery in the bookshops of Catalogne and France.Editions Le Passage (Paris;; tél: 01 48 07 57 66), diffusion Le Seuil.

"S. Higashi" <> Engrish Folk Music

Needle scratch" < Reader : Teleferique is opening a website dedicated to "Reader" projet (interface of reading in progress):
In front of a book as well as a computer screen, the reading remains an individual experience. One reads mostly alone. Etienne Cliquet, Robin Fercoq and Erational have created a new programming language called TRML (Temporized Reader Markup Language). It defines the speed of text by character, word, sentence, ponctuation or line in millisecond resolution. To define the same rhythm for everybody make the reading a collective experience. Our aim is to organize collective readings that could take place everywhere with a simple videoprojector
and an internet connexion. Teleferique collective

Editions de l'eclat New books of autums :

Optical Sound and Aspic Records Optical Sound newsletter / Septembre 2003 : OS.006, latest album by Rainier Lericolais: come out september 23st Order : 12 € post fees included to Optical Sound.

Update Optical Sound Website

Optical Sound and Alice Travel Records are getting associated in the frame of editions of 45 rpm artists. Come out september 14
th Optical Sound and Alice Travel Records

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News of August and September

Académie 23 : and all the pages included in the site: CV - Présentation de l'Académie 23 - Présentation de la sémantique générale - Psychothérapie Séminaires Conférences Publications - Tarifs Inscription - Bon de commande Coordonnées de l'Académie 23

Poèmes d'Edith Arengo : Louis and Les Coteaux de la folie (poems dédicated to Louis, the guy who made me discover Burroughs' books.)

In the other Zoners' sites:

Gary Leeming mailto: Grazulis : : new pages and a downloadable cut-up machine.

"S. Higashi" <> Engrish Folk Music & Needle scratch" <

Editions de l'eclat New books of autums :

Optical Sound and Aspic Records Update Optical Sound Website Come out september 14th Optical Sound and Alice Travel Records

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