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Hi all,

I have not been connected since the latest report, so I could not answer your mail. This will be fixed soon, when I have a home and can be connected again.

So I did not update any news page this month, as well as the URL you have sent. This will be fixed soon as well.

Jajouka :

I am forwarding this mail from the Moroccan group Jajouka. JAJOUKA and THE PRESERVATION OF THE TOMB OF SIDI AHMED SHEIKH See the details in the news page of August :

Festival in Ruigoord:

So I went to Ruigoord festival. You can see a number of pics done there which will give you an idea of the place. See at : It was absolutely great. Met Patrice on the first evening, and Rasta who was there too. On one pic, you can see one blue bus, the " maggic bus " which was travelling to India in the seventies, starting from Istambul. It still goes on travelling with Ruigoord residents, recently went to Russia.

Hundreds of tents, yourtes (Mongolian tents), small wooden houses, painted buses, free concerts during 5 days, for the sum of 15 euros . Very interesting for alternative housing. Woodstock style atmosphere. Lots of kids and dogs everywhere. We had one very rainy day, kind of muddy, but it seems that it's traditional during Ruigoord festivals, and apparently, users do not dislike it. Been sleeping in my twingo, kind of hard on the first night, but with a pneumatic mattress and sleeping bag, then it was perfect. I wanted to try that rather than a tent to see if the car could be used a mobile-home as well, and it did work.

This festival was a great meeting place as well, very international. I met some French people who live in Morlaix, Britany, where one man, Uncle Tom, has settled a commune since some years. The name of the commune is "La Case de l'Oncle Tom" (" Uncle Tom's cabbin " ) . The people I met were making a dummy theater, and travelling a part of the time in foreign countries, in a painted bus. We are going to keep in touch; I am going to make them an email and a web page.

I also met a very interesting and nice Peruvian girl, Beatrix, who is specialized in herbs and plants. She is now back in Peru up to the end of the year, and will come back to Amsterdam in January.

Rasta Robert made some concerts, very strange sounds and vibrations of didjeridu and voice. The inner vibrations you get hearing it is very impressive.

Grazyna was here too, and busy as all the Ruigoord residents; she has put up recently a painting gallery near the village church. I am including here the first part of her interview on her account of the way she got rid of leukemia: .

Request for an alliance:

I have found on a floppy disk some URL which were on line at the start of the Zone in 1997-98. Among them some by Foe, which now have disapeared since a long time. I am putting on line again his "Request for an alliance", which was important then as it allowed us to share about the contradictions between our respective civilizations, and to get rid of the inner conflits they induced in us . See at : Kind of a far out page.

Such exchanges between diplomats would be more useful for peace than all the manichean wars against " incarnated devils ", on the base of a so called " knowledge of good and evil " (see the warnings we got about this knowledge at as those wars are the actualization in physical world of our inner conflicts.

We are trapped in problematics of civilizations, which exist since centuries, which rest on events we did not decide, and in which nobody presently alive is responsible for. Hence, is it relevant to go on paying for them again and again and again and again ? I do not think so personnally and I do not agree with it as far as I am concerned.

New pages in Interzone Library:

Two programs of translation, Systrans and Lycos, have been added, to translate the pages in English, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and German.

Gerben Hellinga en Hans Plomp :UIT JE BOL : Hans Plompp's book in Dutch, Uit Je Bol, on line at now is in the menu of Interzone Library at . It's a pity there is no Dutch translator on line as it limits Dutch literature to Dutch speaking people; in case anybody finds one, thanks for letting me know.

The latest chapters of the book Département de Sémantique Générale, de Philosophie et d'Histoire are now on line from 

Patrice's village:

Concerning Patrice's village, where I have been the rest of the month, I can stay there as I have found a job for the start of October. I am seeing to rent something as well where to get connected and to settle as a place with the dreamachine.

I am looking for renting a hotel in front of Patrice's house, the walls only, with a couple and their kids. If they are ok for it, then this will be a perfect place for the Zone productions and hosting. More about it next month.


Since the last report, Cosmodelia received a mail from containing a virus klez, which did not come from me. I also received one from his email pata-negra with the same virus, called "Free Interzone", which he did not send of course.

This kind of things has been happening since several months now, I already mentioned it in the reports. Here are some suggestions of things to do about it :

- first we can keep a copy of the source of each message of this style : it can be done this way : without opening the mail, click on properties, then details, then source of the message: this way you access to all the information on it, the real email of the sender its contents, and the name of the virus included in the mail. Copy and paste the contents in a mail or file which is then recorded. So this allows to save all of them and gather them.

- as the senders are impossible to find (fake emails), there is no point about complaining about them.

If we consider the prejudice we get from such sending since we have been receiving viruses:

- infecting computers,

- destroying data and hard drives,

- stick spy virus which steal your information without asking anything nor giving anything in exchange,

- loss of time and money,

- usurpation of identity (of our emails, of the name of the zone), which discredits us,

- obligation to buy anti-viruses,

- etc...

As a result, I'd suggest we complain against the inventors of the virus, who, according to the interviews they give, get money and fame from the prejudices they do, which is not in the order of things. The present system consists in earning money and becoming famous in harming people anonymously. This is literally encouraging crime.

I guess that if the virus inventors have to pay for the damages done by their inventions, as well as for the yearly price of the anti-virus, for each damaged computer, they might think twice.

Hence, we might join an organization of defense of citizens, complain against the senders of the virus and the invertors, and join a list of the prejudices we had from them individually, with a copy of the mails we received., and ask to get our money back.

New pages on line:

Gerben Hellinga en Hans Plomp :UIT JE BOL

Pics of Ruigoord festival:

Grazyna's interview:

Le Temps des Naguals : Département de Sémantique Générale, de Philosophie et d'Histoire:

I Nouvelles données sur l'argent : de quoi parlons-nous exactement ? (février 2000)

II Application de ces données dans le contexte de la Zone (Mars 2000)

III Propositions d'expérimentation d'une zone de libre échange

IV Une économie non-aristotélicienne (janvier 2002)

V Inférences aux niveaux supérieurs

Vincent Pourrageau : Droits de l'Homme


Les six exercices fondamentaux de Naropa

Principaux termes de sémantique générale

Interzone Library : Hans Plomp's book

Foe : Request for an alliance

News of August :


I keep you posted about the info which is missing here and shall let you know when I am on line again.

All the best.


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