Interzone report of November 21st 1999


Hi buddies,

The report of this month will be short as I've been away all month, taking some weeks off. Though I kept on answering to the mail and getting your info. I'm sending this mail from but you can keep on writing to as the mail is forwarded from there. I'm gonna be at home in some days though.

1. The expo of the ZAC at the museum of modern art :

The expo at the museum of modern art on the ZAC was great : many groups from different countries have been exposing or presenting their work in the museum since october 7th, and giving conferences. The whole thing was organized by Jens Gebhart from Infozone: |infozone

On saturday 23 rd I went there and exposed the books and paintings of the group and on sunday gave a conference on our work and directions to get organized at the economical level, which was the subject Jens had asked to be treated.

I met a group of students of the Fine Arts school, friends of Pierre Belouin, some of them in touch with the Zone since a long time, and they are really nice people. I slept at Patrick Bernier's and his friend Olive's flat, and we went to the restaurant with some friends of them from Infozone or involved in the expo. A great evening !

During the confences on Sunday afternoon, Jens was showing the sites while I presented the group. It lasted 30 minutes. The other guys who were also at of the conference were really interesting :

- Ludovic Burel presented the site API, a work agency on the web : - The British group Undercurrents : presented the alternative new video

Then a French guy presented his work on free TV programs experiments, - And Fred presented the site rtmark : So through their sites you can have an idea of what they have been at.

I hope that the first contacts will lead to cooperation between the different groups.

2. Commune organization and place for the Zone:

I'm getting new connections through the people met in the expo in Paris, and we can gather the energies to work at a commune organization at the artistical level with the ones who are into the idea.

Some of you are asking what is going on with the hotel project : we give up with the project of hotel in Poitiers due to the complexity of the task, and as only 2 persons can work in it presently, which is not enough to run a hotel run actually. Though a number of people are interested in having a physical place. Some fancy the hotel idea in reference to the Beat Hotel concept, and as a holiday place. Some prefer a place for artists, not involving the work and energy a hotel requires. We have been trying in the previous project to mix both concepts in one place, but the realization looks problematic practicly.

I'm looking for other possibilities at the moment. There might be one which I'll tell you more about if it reveals itself as livable.

3. The contacts with Muntada Rihab :

Following the meeting with the Moroccan group of artists in Poitiers last month, I have received a book of poems from Mrs Jaafar, some of them will be on the web soon, and the first chapter of the book by Samah Naourass , which Chadi is gonna translate. They are interested in the Zone work and literary projects and propose to work with us.

4. The anthology and writings:

The first tome of the Time of the Nagual now is available in English, as well as the tomes 2, 3, 4 and 5. You can get them when you want : I can now print them.

Michel Valensi is gonna send a list of French bookshops to spread the French writings, and seeing for a price of printing. I'm gonna put aside the money from the sale from my books and contact the booksellers. If they are interested by some of the titles, then I can use the money earnt by my own editing to finance a broader printing. If this works, we might do the same in US for the different tomes of the Time of the Naguals.

5. The CD :

Pierre has finished his compilation and Paul and Steve are finishing theirs. So both should be available around Christmas.

6. New pages and sites :

The company which hosts Interzone Productions at has been sold, so I do not know actually what is gonna happen to the site. So in case I got to find another hoster, the URL might change.

No new page here this month : some to come soon though. The news have been included in the News page :

- toxic...see the pics of the castle of Oiron... and the really nice words from Vincent :

- TV-ART.NET <> :

- Binda 23: <> Dead cities ; Holographic media is morphing into the incandescent real-time nervous system
of the neo-fiber environment. : Surrender to mu function

- Ramuntcho Matta <> mon adress provisoire:

Boil The Ocean:
Telecommunications Networks as Chakras by Steven Vedro
The Little Doctors (Spiritech Virtual Foundation partner site)

- Itsdadude ' Yahoo Club <> PHYSICS New theories and ideas : I would like to know your theories about black holes and space time. It would be good to have some more members to liven up the debates. So if you know anyone on the internet who likes physics tell them about the club. Thanks

- Cydonia Lounge: contemporary art <> Here is a link to our test site for the film. New features will be added as the film progresses.

- El Pipo : : ; ; ;

- Frederic Madre <> :

- Johnny D sends a mail about a translator : ; I have not used it yet, but am gonna do it soon.

- Also have a look at the list art2000 digest :

7. New E-mails :

-dean kasabow and

- Lisa Lovebucket <>

- John Dixon :

8. Happy event:

Cordwainer is getting married to the lovely Sherry-Ann in June. The wedding will be in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas USVI . Best wishes of happiness to the both of them.

9. The Zone's services :
- Interzone doc : ; Interzone 23 :
- William Burroughs Yahoo clubs :
the Interzone Coffee House :
Nova Mob : : William S. Burroughs Research Club
Binda 23 yahoo club , dedicated to the music project , so you can send your mails there and access to all the ones which are sent on the subject.
Burroughs' tape-recorder : I made a weird club...

For the time of your chat appointments of the 23rd : see and the worldclock : . You can meet other Zoners all day in the chat of (and the reste of the time too)

This report will be on the web at

Between two monthly reports, see the news at :

Much thanks for your support, involvement, creations, propositions, and critics.
More soon.



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