Report of December 21st 1999

Hi buddies,

Here are the last Zone's news of the year :

1. Contacts :

I'm still in touch with several people met at the ZAC (see the previous report of November at . You can see the exhibitions people here are making in the News pages, and be part of some of them which happen on the web.

Also, following the meeting in Poitiers with the Moroccan cultural and artistic group Mountada Rihab, you can see some poems of Fatima Jaafar, the organizer of the association, on the web at . We also are starting a work of translation of a chapter of a writer, Samah Naourass, with Chayline in Lebanon. If we can make it correctly, then we shall go on with the rest of the book.

I hope we can get to some organization at the economical level after sometimes. The other groups are confronted to the same problems as us in this area and also looking for solutions.

2. Physical place and commune organization:

Several among you keep asking what's going on in this area since we gave up with the project of hotel in Poitiers, and one Zoner in US is ready to get involved . At this point, it would be useful to know who wants to get involved as well in a close future, as the shape it may take depends of the participants : we have been foreseeing several formulas :

Now it seems to me that it has to be built up by the people who will live in it or be part of it at different levels, who are really concerned, in function of their needs, their means, and their abilities in different domains , rather than by theorical models we would choose collectively whatever we may be concerned or not. So thanks for letting me know your position here.

3. The anthology and the writings :

You can now get "The Time of the Naguals in English" the tome 1, on Burroughs and Gysin, the articles, the cut-ups, and the poems.

See the contents on line in the menu of Interzone Productions : .

At the moment I'm printing them myself and sending them to people who ask for them. In case some of you would be interested by a printing in larger quantity, I received some info from a printer in US: Small Publisher Co-Op : for books of 64 pages, $799 for 1000 copies.

Still on the chapter of books : the French translation of Gysin's book "The Process", "Désert Dévorant", which was published by Flammarion, is out of print. We might put some extracts on the web. I'm gonna start to put some pages on line soon.

4. Post cards:

I have started making post cards for the New Year, with collages on Burroughs by Alchemickal, and with Andrew Shachat's paintings and collages. And I must say they are nice and people like them. In case you got a color printer and want to make them, I can send them in Word files.

5. Music :

* Dead Joe has been sending two new tapes of Forked Yew this month : you can get them from him at :

* Pierre Belouin's compilation Music For Dreamachine : Subscription for the first 100 limited edition. Double CD / Release Spring 2000

Subscription: 100FF / $15 / 30DM / 11 / /Chèques / I.M.O/ à l'ordre de Pierre Belouin
(+Nom / Prénom / Adresse)

Optical Sound / Pierre Belouin 9, Place des Etudiants F-67 000 Strasbourg.

Optical Sound is distributed in several music shop and art galleries :
Wave Record Shop (Paris) / Bimbo Tower (Paris) / Pascal Sanchez (Paris) /
Purple Institute (Paris) / Cold Spring Records (Londres) / Le Magasin

"Music For Dreamachine" will be released in a double CD, vinyl, and on the web in MP3 and Real Audio. The CD version will contain a CD-Rom bonus which will reconstitute the Dreamachine effects, developped by Gregory Pignot from Servo (LTNO, The Atlas

Dreamachine people are :

6. The sites :

* Interzone Productions :

The company which hosts the site, Kanza : is mixing with another one, Grapevine. So we do not know yet how things are gonna become in future (we were previously hosted for free by other Zoners) .

Whatever, Chiki in Japan who registered the site in the search engines said that Yahoo agrees to list it (the sites are chosen by a group of people there ). So we better stay at the present address at the moment, and wait before moving. Foe is gonna become a provider and proposes to host us then.

Chiki is now taking care of the site with me, and is gonna be part of it. He is proposing to support it financially in case we got to pay for it.

* Some new pages have been added this month :

- Chayline: Dark side of injustice III :

- Coolcat : The Influence of William S. Burroughs on Contemporary Literature :

- Fatima Jaafar's poems : Oser Etre :

- Jérome Pintoux : Zimmerman's furniture & electric: and Bolan entre préciosité et psychédélisme :

- Interview of Michel Foucault : with an explaination of the text (in French).

- News7 :

* New sites and pages in other Zoner's sites :

- Foe just made a MP3 site : have a look at:

- English translation of Arthur Rimbaud's "Sonnet of the Asshole" in Alchemickal's site : by Paul Schmidt

- Cydonia Lounge: contemporary art :

- New update of J'lahn's URL ("the 111 experience")

- amy balot < : javascript translator that will perform the whole quantum writing experiment by Jakearoo :

- amy balot < : William Burroughs site:

- Jeremy Gluck a,d Spiritech Virtual Foundation : ICQ 5710120
- Surrendered To My Function CD Listening Room (Binda23/Datawhore) :

- Y2Kutup :

* Exhibitions on the web :

- Lisa Lovebucket:

- TV :

- Teleferique:

- Pavu :

7. Infos and pics :

I'm getting the information from the Lindersmith Center which works on new treatments for addiction. Let me know if you want me to forward them to you.

Scott Lickstein from Cydonia Lounge is sending images and pictures every day. I forward them to a group of buddies; let me know if you want them.

8. The Zone's services :

Interzone doc : ; Interzone 23 :
- William Burroughs Yahoo clubs :
the Interzone Coffee House :
Nova Mob : : William S. Burroughs Research Club
Binda 23 yahoo club , dedicated to the music project , so you can send your mails there and access to all the ones which are sent on the subject.
Burroughs' tape-recorder : Purple House:

This report will be on the web at

Between two monthly reports, see the news at :

I wish you a lot of fun for the Christmas and the new year's eve celebrations, and all my best wishes in your life and projects for 2000 and always. J



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