Interzone report of April 21st 1999

Hi all,

I hope you are fine. So many things once again this month it might take the whole week to you to see it all.

  1. The Interzone Coffee House :

    The Yahoo club founded by Grape about 2 months ago got a new founder, Alchemical : , who proposes to "create a log made up of cut-ups from each participant, so have your favorite books handy by the keyboard when you enter. Chat scheduled for the 23rd, friday in the ICH; suggestions appreciated!".

    The club has been very active since the start, and got many new members.

    Have a look too at Nova Mob : : William S. Burroughs Research Club.

  2. The expo :

Here I made the first expo on a dreamachine in a bar in Poitiers, the Victor-Victoria, with the old dreamachine which was running and a second one being built for the people to learn it. There was a Burroughs-Gysin-Interzone pics expo, a video with Anthony Balch's films and video on the Beat Generation from French TV, and selling of books, tee-shirts, and Zone pics and paintings. See the text of introduction on Brion Gysin, the dreamachine, and Henri Corbin's data on the alpha-waves at

Baud was at there as well asVincent, the Zoner in Poitiers, with some friends of him. He is looking for making his own dreamachine as well. Some other friends had come and the first part was great through the exchanges people had about all this, but the customers in the bar who came then were bewildered and a bit scared : one thought he might have problems to drive, asked if we were a sect (LOL), another one watched me as if as was an alien. The girls working in the bar were interested though and had real fun.

Now my feeling is that bars are not the best places to make such expos, because people are not necessarily prepaired to this. So definitely the best would be to have a special place to make such expos, where only interested people would come.

3. Zone's productions :

As a matter of fact, I realized for the occasion that we got a lot of things to sell now, (I am selling 2 copies of the first tome of "The Time of Naguals".)

You can find the catalogue of the Zone's production on line at :

For the writings , as they come from a common work, I suggest to put the money on the account I created for the Zone some months ago and which has $100, then we can use it for common purposes and projects : CD, printing of the anthology in X copies, etc.

Dreamachines :

The dreamachine I have just finished is made with an old record player 33, 45 & 78 rpm. The cylinder is in cardboard, made with the plan of the dreamachine page at, adapted to the circumference of the actual turn-table, and covered with painting.

The whole costs 280 fr, support included with the light and wire, and takes about 5 hours work with the painting. I sell them 500 fr ($ 85).

Now one can choose the color of the painting, or paint it himself.

Zone's archives :

I also realized I got quite a lot of archives on Burroughs and Gysin (videos, tapes, pics, etc…) and thought we might gather our respective archives. Some of you suggest to make a Burroughs' fundation in France, and it would be a good start to the Academy.

The Zone's musics :

Steve Ray and Paul Sinclair are involved in the CD gathering and pressing : Steve has got a space on the web to gather the musical files. You can send them your work directly.

We are looking for the cheapest and more practicle way to press the CD : Paul can press them in small amount, as people ask for them, for 1£ one CD in Scotland. Foe can have them pressed for 70 cents in US , but for 1000 pieces. Chadi is having a look in Lebanon, says it's about 30 cents, but that price of CD is gonna get higher there soon.

The Zone's anthology :

The first tome in French gathers all the French texts : in first part the texts by and on Burroughs and Gysin I had translated some years ago and gathered under the title "Le Temps des Naguals", including the Dreamachine plan, and in second part the text of Interzone. See the contents and cover at :

There are 268 pages, printed on A4 paper, includes a number of pics and illustrations (about 20) , some black and white, the most in color. I can print copies as people ask for them.

Now about having it printed in a certain amount as well as the other tomes, we are in touch with Agent Zero's cheap publisher : . He is sending through postal mail his catalogue, and I'll forward the info then.

Andrew got the prices of last year :

Newsprint paper- 64 pages is $510 USA dollars 32 pages is $290 this for 1000 copies on white paper- 64 pages is $59732 pages is $334
this was from 1998 catalog.White paper is better, it looks like a book not a throw away newspaper.
They also do half sized versions- of the magazines I sent you - they can also run 2000 for price of 1000 - if the size is exact split. They do not do full 4 color- but spot colors, like a comic strip- and they do slick, shiny covers,
all is more money.

but according to what he says, the books are 60 pages thick, which is not enough for us (the most of the books are about 100 pages).

Translating group ?

Michael Goolsby is correcting the English version of the article "The time of Naguals" : . I got a lot of writings in French to spread to the Zone in the frame of the Academy, but they are in French, and impossible to translate to me due to their length and my lack of time. Any info on a better translating program than Alta-Vista welcome.

In case any of you is interested in beeing part of a translating group, let me know.

Tee-shirts , clothes , paintings :

I have tried one tee-shirt again for the expo, and the result is great at first sight But after washing it, the colors go on the tee-shirts. So I do not advise we keep on forther with this way of printing.

The tee-shirts could also be painted by the painters of the group, and each of them would be a unique piece. Carissa is a clothes designer and looking for work in France. Could not we make our own clothes ?

Also the pics can be printed on drawing card board (21 x 29,7 mm), as they do here for famous paintings, and sold in the Zone. For the pics, see . You can also send a pic of your choice to print on it.

Selling in the frame of the Zone :

As we got no status, we are not allowed to sell our productions to the public, but we can see what we want , to the price we want, in the frame of the Zone, as we did for the tee-shirts Pierre made last year.  In this frame, we can forget about all the difficulties we got in the formal world about money and papers, to make it according to our needs and possibilities, as there is nothing as "productivity" and such concepts here, money becoming just a tool of exchange and being deprived of other aim or value.

Now it allows us to product at our scale, and to earn money individually and collectively : if we produce a CD , or a writing, to a cheap price, (see the prices Paul and Foe propose) and can earn money in selling 10 copies of it to friends, then we can give 10 % of what we earn to the Zone, for common projects.

For instance, if I can buy to Paul 10 CD for 1£ each, and sell them 8 £ each to friends, which is cheap for a CD, I earn 80£ - 10 £ = 70 £, then I give 7 £ to Interzone.

Then we can do the same with the writings, tee-shirts, post cards, pics printed on cardboard, etc….

See what you think about this so far.

4. Zone's health :

You can find the files Dr Carlsson sent from Sweden about addiction and detoxication treatments in the menu of Interzone Academy at Only one is missing.

It seems a number of Zoners is suffering from migraine (I do personally), so we have begun to exchange our tips to get rid of it. Any advise welcome.

5. Zoner's coming :

Some of you want to travel to Europe : Koulin has come recently, but for a work session, so he was busy all the time and could not stay longer, so he is back in Abidjan again. I suggest that the ones who come get in touch together to exchange the info on visa, etc.

Naked Lunch is flying to Great Britan today, Alex is gonna come in June, and Carissa , very soon too.

6. Zone's holidays and physical Zone:

Some of you feel like going to India and meeting in Goa. I have writen to Reuben , our Zoner Agent in Bangalore, who says it's a good idea, in spite of the rain in Jully. He also agrees on India as a good place for a physical Zone, and is ready to help in case someone wants to make it there.

In Abidjan (Ivory Coast, Africa), Patrice has just openned a bar and invites us to go and see him.

7. The Zone's sites :

- New Zoners :

- Adelyne :

- Agent 1914 : :

- Arathye :

- Vincent's sites: :

"Alex Barbier" : &

Sombre/philippe Grandrieux: &

Robert Pinget/ écrivain:

Reynald Drouhin's project: