Kenji Siratori


Illustration : Kenji Siratori

***infecting body_omotya of the fucker ill-treatment completion of the stool
mechanism that dashes it to the medium that I exchanged the rebellion of the
gay to the vagus-space of the artificial-sun it discharges to the dangerous
hydro-body of art crime//drug embryo.....I plugged the vibrator of a
cadaver. The picture of TOKAGE does noise.....swings happily terror=virtual
SEX=virtual party=virtual drug==battle motion. The larva world! It was
jointed to the cruel VTR.....is covered shit:techno:the grief brown spot.
Era respiration. The second of death is cut.....is covered her shit that
boy_roid breeds the telephony=parasite of SEX in the continent of the dog
where jointed and remodeled <<ttorage>> to the torture instrument inside the
rest room that internal organ consciousness.......her thinking is the
ecstasy that dog eradicated. Vital far solitude is studded to the screen of
gene=TV that distorted it.....sleep=script.....the party infection of the
genome that filled.--channel brain. To the hydro-mania of her dog
pattern.....I inject my narcotic body fluid! Gas absence. Azure murder.
Existence O. I raped the symbol of the death that causes the scatology
electron internal organ of the artificial sun groaned and was cut to

Story Of Atom Physics

The worldly desires machine of the girl were invaded her cadaver was caused
to the immortality in the night of the speed embryo---hard core that was
infected to <<such soul/gram that I suck>> with the masses of flesh of the
rest room_rave. I strike the hatred of the sending impossible gene=TV fucker
junction--machine=angel and crowded! My piece ladder take in the rape of
various "corrosion" in the reproduction area of the narcotic ant so.....the
artificial sun that was digested. The device of okama that evolved to
grotesque. "so all reverse......" of a vital game.++does of mask guy body
that does to the level of the sympathy screen of the vagina-the living body
that decreased how and filled with rave.....the wild fancy resistance of the
skinhead! To the sadistic love of the artificial-ant that
superheated.....machinary worldly desires X of TOKAGE were break
down.....the sexual love mode of boy_roid. To the vision of the clonic dog
of the high place that traces it!......only that be infected. [NDRO]
anthropoid rotor
A alterna image--vital orange phenomenon--annihilates--is doing now now shit
and the music of life support in.......<<every day fuck.....noise joint <<I
who do in disguise to the murderous intention broke it is crushed like the
retina that artificial-sun of speed:diffused.....was doing out of the medium
of the drug-embryo that constructs the puzzle screen of gene=TV that was
opened to the vital cable of the unity basement of the gay that is tied both
hands and toy with body_omotya of sleeplessness to the oxygen
mask=mutation_channel>> that forgot time>>---
"the key"
It is to want to observe the anti=only the remainder heaven of hydromachine
where controls the SM code of body_omotya that hung head. Atrocious target
borg.....that does a monochrome brain cell a/the fuck. "it is covered the
(shit and scatology......) the ill-treatment coefficient" be
vivisection.....of the drug-embryo with. It was done/the okama organization
of the thinking impossible dog that boy_roid burn up "in the nude" sneaks
artificial-sun of scattering of.....cadaver-feti of it was recovered it is
parasitic inside. The crazy language.....of the city.
I torture my emotion that murders my emotion that replicates my
emotion.....I raped the second when is impossible to regenerate so-did the
insanity of a chromosome noise.....the empty thinking of body_omotya does
suck=blood. Vital end drug during woman of::the rhythm of TOKAGE.
Intention.....of the by sexual decay of gene-borg. Body_omotya of okama that
invades high sensitivity_telephony of the desire that was guided [murder
LOAD of the machine=angel during.....links with the brain cell that was done
feti of a cadaver::vital boy_roid in the screen respires era.
Paranoia.....of the skinhead.
Her fuck cadaver runs to ecstasy to my junk picture and rise. I was trained
foolishly in break-beat_vital.....I cry out machinary of the material within
the brain and control with. I soak it the drug and the fanatic (the brain
cell) of the mechanism evolves to the god of the et cetera of this head that
wants to observe it that body_omotya=. Melody......of the paranoia and
previous suicide that turned. I looked at the stool to <<ecstasy>> future I
am ill-treated. It is nude it is enough visions that suffer only.......


As for she, remove the rebellion molecule of the drug-embryo:to MEDIUM of
mankind reverse=anal-fucker that evolved!......osmoses. It converges the
last term of the language dismantlement genome of the speed when cut off the
criminal invasion of the high tech miracle vagina nation of an ant.
Game.....of cyberBuddha. I cry out the pork that did the machine=angel who
does the self-consolation of the kama-guy that does dive to the neural
circuit of cadaver-feti with the mask of the pig that becomes complete--be
impossible a record LOAD.....borg temptation.....her thinking the blue rape
space, internal organ consciousness of the sky of which wind the porno
control of the mass of flesh:the tube party that became cloudy inside.....
Rape guy.....of soul/gram. Of the monitor face picture recovers the living
body and scream of grotesque.....I invade the orange medium of the skinhead
that sucks the ruinous love of boy_roid:dose the drug-embryo mode with the
fuck beat of the crazy machine=angel of head:hang up-world.....to the
picture of the grief brown spot commits suicide like the internal organ
consciousness that the brain of the nanny mechanism of boy_roid that
radiates the larva of the tragedy nature of the lonely nano machine of the
machine=angel that links dash and intertwine.....does the body without a
language_screw at the center of the drug-eye of the existence difficult
earth that the SM guy of the fear=cell who continues sex-rebellion
inhabit.....artificial hatred gene=TV
The artificial-sun of the hydro-mania is born.
The lobotomy escape of bad kids of head. The drug that cadaver-city was
disillusioned is respired during body fluid.....the hydro-mania break down
the machine of crazy dusk. The wild fancy body of TOKAGE that crowded
vulgarly with the nerve gas of hyper-realness was chopped up. Self write-off
of drug-age that weakened completely--

Junkie-brain! Illicitly sell soul/gram with the love of TOKAGE! Small
empire.....of the fear=cell. The telephony tragedy that dismantled the self
of boy_roid. The paranoia of the womb skin mechanism of the
machine=angel.--to her body that drowned (the pill) that thinks about the
zero that does it
"the artificial-sun that came off her heart so instigates the subliminal
love of TOKAGE-the desire of the hydro-mania that was doing it noise cancels
the brake that disappears and these machinary motion.....of the rape guy
that reigns to the limbic system. My gene=TV_slave with the queen
nonexistent affectation of the SM club! The feeling weasel of the resolution
oxygen existence of the anthropoid. The monochrome picture-thinking and
noise internal organ of the murder of which the FUCKNAM fellow etc. go
expanding" to a planetary scream mankind who it was digested
inhabit.....brain cell of which was done the civil war, creature, bondage of
the earthwora:switching I illicitly sell soul/gram VTR that "I was existed
alone is chopped up......"
<<underground.....of the high-tech girl. I excrete a/the junkie's internal
organ:is nervous breakdown.....of okama that froze to the violent crime
technology of an artificial-ant>>
Comprehend a cheerful nightmare!
Fuck-style.....of TOKAGE. Without observing borg of the dog that flew the
internal organ=trip of head that was rotated to an atrocious body I commit
suicide! Ecstasy that calls and stops drug poisonous! "my
air-line......that was expanded to the vein of the cadaver-city.
The swapping-machine! Body_omotya of the crazy dog of head
arrives.....cadaver-feti that boy_roid that the fuck & rhythm of the mass of
flesh that began to melt to the gene panic draw draw contaminate to soft
road of the artificial-sun was lost in wild fancies of is erased. The game
of soul/gram. To the ecstasy of the electron vision that is connected to the
orgasm-gravity of the cadaver-city and revolve a/the that
house....."entrails emotional (amphetamine) "internal organ
consciousness(=speed)!?:the living body the end of the girl that I rape
emotional.....the spiritual murder block of the dog which wears and was
attached. It is external the control of a vagina and was cursing--the
thinking of borg of the god of et cetera!
"......a vital suspicion thinks about in the stool with the picture of a
lonely gene war/my shit. Fuck-signature.....of a brain cell. Her nude
function.....that the crease of the storage of body_omotya tortures
soul/gram with the pill of fantasy 0. I trace the piece of the world my
thinking that does_vagus to the scatologic potentially so joint my
consciousness that commits suicide to trip- hydromachine.....the medium of
the mass of flesh in the disappearance just before continues to be
replicated in the cadaver-city where cuts her drug and was done
hallucination. It sleeps-it filled with the medium malice, vital suspicion
of the dog that accelerate to an artificial-sun script so.....to the lack in
oxygen plug of the cadaver-city. The circle each I rape the mass of flesh
of the heroin injection dog. Instantaneous vital.....porno actuation.....of
the video camera.
Hydro.....that run away.

Game.....of spiritual TOKAGE that was disinfected. To her infinite body that
was infected is recovered it is breakdown.....of paranoia so. Liver
drug.....cause the soul/gram of "immortality" to her universe of
noise-fucker in disguise.

Et cetera of god of which tortured a vital control level......" to the
sadistic sympathy of a dog. I reproduce control external.....did guerrilla
in the cadaver-city so her angel mechanism of mental...........travel the
nerve map of the crime nature of the drug-embryo. Sun.....that was done
LOAD. Is the existence true?......soul/gram reproduces the form of cosmic
diffusion of doll city to the entrails emotional plug that stiffened ADAM
with the look of a junkie.....many of the flesh and blood holograms of the %
drug-embryo in the world where does the worldly desires of hydromachine--the
disillusionment control of a dog!--weakens to the mental allergy of TOKAGE
"so.....the flat desire=scanning of a brain cell. The cadaver-feti
homosexual machine=angel who it was restrained resets the life for the rest
room.....do vagus MHz of the drug-embryo to the wild fancy that is a mass of
flesh was scrapped the mode:artificial-sun of grotesque! NDRO 4
the cheerful blue sky of the shit-dog-guy to the sense medium that crazy
caricature was resolved vomiting!......<<the sea of the gene::the secret
where it was risked to Invasion>>.
Emotional:genome outrage.....of level1 fucker the entrails that the
hydro-mania who it invades and cuts radiate heat. <the murder function. The
perversion fanatic of the body who it was done PLAY of the nerve-area,
drug-embryo----[the fuck of soul/gram! ]
"the nerve transmission of an emotional replicant is measured to semea of a
dog.....nude speed. The logic of the hang up. !Break down the brain of the
nightmare that boy_roid went bad the TOKAGE's urine that reproduces with the
despair without a base:fill it by the time it impossible to existence) rat
like which I was slaughtered a vital suspicion to (anal so!

[the placenta mechanism that accelerated it......the miserable fuck-guy of
the artificial sun!!......cadaver-feti.....the internal organ consciousness
that did it to the asphalt of that is a mass of flesh that cools and dog
cool. Being covered the desire that explodes inside in this world where it
did it is that brain WEB. The reset. <<looking I see=vital>> of the
machine=angel that inoculated the nanny of boy_roid.....]

......the reality that soul/gram was distorted digests the fierce earth" 5
meters of front......of enough screen which "the mass of flesh in the drug
plays and accelerate. The bondage=love of TOKAGE. :my brain I murder the
perception body of the speed that filled in the cadaver-city.....the horizon
of the internal organ consciousness.
It evolves to the machine of the grief brown spot that observed planetary.
<<it is pure white outrage.....of bondage>>=TOKAGE. It becomes a line and
speed:......techno mass of flesh...../storage=storage.....that emotional
replicant was raped. It erases.
......the fungus that strikes the borg miracle and broke of which is I awake
new::her internal organ party............" shit-guy of I parted <it is
recovered> to <technology of an ant>. She fuck existence_joint: "vagina,
crow, fuck everyday......"!! My undefense internal organ is flourished
<<body_omotya that was unified >> of as I sing undefense soul/gram
completely.....with the rhythm of the dog that spent it to death.....dose
channel. "it seen not and slaughter, restrained was......" it is crazy speed
worship! Nerve transmission.....that was discontinued and was did the
perversity of a brain cell_puzzle in the time when junkie's self is
The nightmare and crease.....of the amniotic fluid mechanism.
The existence paranoia of the drug embryo that joints to erect=jokes of the
masses of flesh that weakened the nerve in the stool and idled and did her
body_omotya digital=vamp!! Face.....of a pig. The SM club of the nomans-land
of boy_roid that refrigerated her entrails emotion. The murder map of
nervous system. Doing how it is fuck & LOAD...........of a destructive dog
Her thinking impossible body rotation.....that transcended the speed of the
cadaver-city to the penis that was disinfected the alcohol of the kama dog.
Anal insertion:the picture:ruins.....the nerve system that was uploaded was
split <<no-play>>. It is with the love of immortality. The middle, she of a
clone gene procurement do mimicry to a cadaver.....
The miracle (the=speed) that is not possible body movement.
Annihilation junction.....of the rave_mass of flesh. The technology of M of
her crisis. Foul shit and I escape without observing the parasite
<<ecstasy>> of!......her neural circuit.....that carries XX. It makes
entrails emotion ON like a dog. As if her terror and happiness are
synthesized so planetary form semen was applied to the god of et cetera
fucker.....the machinary fall scene of the anthropoid. The guerrilla of the
screen surface. The firm storage of the cadaver-city. [......the mass of
flesh is reset on the verge of the death of a dog in her machinary sex
second. And the body of immortality is input to:the time of the
techno-junkie decomposition her internal organ consciousness when bears to
the neural circuit and inhabit shade entrails emotion.....does the
strangeness of speed and be vital rotation=. The skizoid. The sex-rebellion
script of boy_roid is inserted to the murder medium of the artificial sun.
The death file of soul/gram. "ecstasy was canceled.....fuck.....of
non=mankind. Do the vital volume of the sham the blood of the dog that the
spermatozoon of PET bottle checkmate explodes so maximally during_drug of it
revolves the house her reverse=the body that evolved does grotesque semen
philosophy_channel.....external:the brain leaf communication the control of
an ant. The negative rebellion of a gay. It is flourished <<to the dogs of
the cold-blooded disease which the drug of the fatalities does to the
fertilization that did hang of a screen?vagus. Dispersion action.....of
body fluid. But nerve dismantlement is repeated only.....thinking space, of
the skinhead that was jointed to the vivisection on her nude impossibility
brain cell: her internal organ consciousness so.....drug-embryo..... who
does vagus to the digital tragedy. Of:be density the cadaver-city. The
lonely nerve dismantlement of an emotional replicant rave.....now
rave.....the stool for the input of her fuck-body:a nude script. It beats"

>>being able to run a larva.

The rhythm "the despair" of the heaven that weakens to the dream without the
symbolic desire that does channel to the hot embrace of chemical-age and did
does fuck by the malfunction of the storage of the cadaver-city...........
The mass of flesh button. Vital noise region.....that was controlled. Semeu
of the fellow etc. that stored body_omotya of shade miscellany MHz......the
earthworm of the gays break down it.....

Her body reproduces to the brain cell of the perfect crime.......I am
threatened to the insanity that is not seen <<resistance>> of the aerofoil

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