Opiates intoxication : Some suggestions from the doc

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> >i need the doc's address. i got some problems with constapations and
> >stomach pains in my lungs and stuff from this habit.
> >love
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> Hi Jim,
> here is a mail from X I got one hour ago.
> He is probablygoing to write to you at the Interzone doc E-mail.
> Iz
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Interzone doc: the_doc27@hotmail.com

I'll be waiting for X to get in touch. In the meantime I could offer a few suggestions re opiate induced constipation.
I won't bore or disgust you with the machinations of the syndrome save to say that all opium derivatives may cause constipation with prolonged use. They can, in fact, cause bowel blockages that may prove fatal in some cases. It rarely happens but it should be acknowledged.

There are simple remedies but they can involve unwanted contact with doctors and the chance of a hospitalization. There are 'street' remedies that often work but their effectiveness can be unpredictable. You should avoid enemas and laxatives that irritate the bowel. Beware of so-called 'natural' laxatives derived from the castor-oil plant.
Grape jelly, oddly enough, can produce the desired results. Consuming several grams followed by a warm drink is the usual method. Another 'home' remedy that may or may not work, is to drink a few spoonfuls of Canola or Olive oil followed, once again, by warm water. Manatol, a sugar based food additive, is often sold as a baby laxative in Europe. By coincidence it is used to cut raw heroin prior to sale. A spoonful should do for starters. Over-the-counter 'stool softeners' are also a good option but don't over use them as they can cause a rebound reaction that could, as strange as it may sound, cause you to have an addiction to them. Why complicate the situation. Suppositories, most of these being a preparation of glycerol, are also of some benefit though their effectiveness is limited to the far end of
the lower bowel. Severe constipation resulting in abdominal pain should be cause to seek professional assistance as this may indicate a blockage of the bowel. If this pain is accompanied by breath that smells of feces you may be facing an emergency and should seek assistance at once.

Hope that covers it.


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