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« Dream-poles in the February snowfields ~ a white petrified sleep ensues. »

Paul O'Donovan

From: cosmodelia To: Baudron Isabelle Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 6:32 PM Subject: DM synth RE: Dreamachine links and a question

"Optical Sound" website: http://brainwashed.com/h3o/dreamachine/

"Dreamachibe Booklet": http://brainwashed.com/h3o/dreamachine/booklet.html

This excerpt is very interesting:

"And so, at the present time, further exposition is underway, and possibly the most important area of progress is the bringing to hear of sound on the possibilities offered by the Dreamachine. It is one of the most puzzling aspects of this evolutionary spiral that Gysin himself did not publicly investigate this application or addition, save for his use of the sacred music of Joujouka in simple combination with his viewings. This is not to suggest that he was unaware of it. But until very recently, all extant examples of the construction were encased in a clear plastic screen, ostensibly to protect the viewers nose from potential lasceration by the rapidly revolving cut-outs In the cylinder, this phenomenon was denied manifestation."

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When we read all this stuff we were making a "normal" synth but now we also have begun to make a

synth to use combined with dreamchine, lowering frequencies of a "normal" synth and with binaural sound.

We already have some results. Next week we have leave for around 10 days, but we will send before to leave a first prototype of our synth.

We know some music is made with that goal, but we want to do available a instrument; like that way zoners will be able to choose exact sound and rhythm they want and to experiment by themselves what different effects every sound has in them, combined or not with a Dreamachine.

Besides, we will compose some music for DM, but it is another topic.

Best wishes

Juanjo and Ana


 From: Ben <earth070796@bainbridgemail.com>
To: <baudron@interpc.fr>; <aubert@skynet.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 2:25 PM
Subject: interzone/dream machine online version

hi i tried out the online dream machine device from callmeburroughs.tripod.com the first time i used it i didnt really get
results but after i researched the correct usage and effects of the actual dream machine, i tried it again.
the amount of times i used it after that all gave the same, positive effect.i was binded by streams of colours, weird geometrical shapes and i was like travelling through a tunnel. afterwards when i opened my eyes for a while my
mind was racing but by the next morning (i conducted it late at night about 10pm) it was well gone. it is amazing!


From: rob keith <ngetal@excite.com>

To: Baudron Isabelle <baudron@interpc.fr>

Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2001 9:00 PM

Subject: Re: Interzone report of November 21st 2001

hey there
i used the online dream machine at http://callmeburroughs.tripod.com 1st time was filled with colours,more than like any halucinagenic drugs ive done and it made my mind race. 2nd time i tried it with out music playing,and
little happened,hardly anything.
i took photos of the screen,there weird!! also i looked at it with eyes open threw a kalidoscope,the cut out squares,inside them i could see black markings,very similar to a brion gysin painting. i can now see where
burroughs and gysin got influeneces to paint.

take care
phlanger orbyoma


From: <vashoid@delfi.lt>

To: Baudron Isabelle <i.aubert@interpc.fr>

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 1:58 PM

Subject: thoughts and retoughts


We renewed the experiments with dream machine after that Hasan performance and it makes wonders for sure. Or rather our brains make them? Probably both. Two weeks ago I had such a mind blowing experience, that I can't stop speculating until now. Here is short outline:
Perhaps after fifteen minutes from session's beginning I experience the monstrous waves of energy rushing from feet and head (that was very very pleasant) and concentrating in the area of solar plexus (the feeling of physical pain in stomach muscles was present, too), my body starts quivering, I can't stop laughing (though there are two my friends sitting still) and then the energy ball bursts out- light all around and I'm calm. After that wonderful psycho-film began - swirling runes, Egyptian symbols (mostly Ank crosses of various sizes), then there was something with light itself- I got a feeling that I was inside the black carton, pulsing. So:)
I'm astonished that it could have such an incredible effect. As for those hallucination type images it's nothing really stunning - people have them before falling asleep or when being very tired, but that spontaneous energy rush through body…I've had very similar experience two times earlier- one after doing rune-yoga practices and another after doing the breathing exercise suggested by Osho. And one more interesting detail- I was suffering from insomnia, couldn't sleep normally for an almost entire week and after two 'seances' my sleep returned together with bright and wonderful dreams. Of course, my organism was in serious need of sleep and probably I'd have anyway fallen asleep, but my humble suggestion is that dream-machine (or any other source of alfa waves) could be probably used for regulating the awake/sleep cycle, instead of sleeping pills. However, that is just my speculation born from later days enthusiasm and more data\experimentation is absolutely necessary. Of course, if I'm not inventing what has already been invented:).


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