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Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 10:23 PM

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just a little message to let you know i beat that fucking methadone - 16 weeks now. no narcotics besides. many other freedoms transpired as well. i have a lot of data to share with all others in need, in fact discoveries i made sometime ago but was ill in other regards and sadly did not put info out there earlier.i will be in touch with my revalations. hope all goes well as sometimes i imagine it does more so in europe as contrast to stinking blessed/cursed USA.

till then,


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Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 2:06 AM

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again briefly... i am at library and only have 15 minutes to discuss infamy that precedes a certain fame long lasting for those who left mostly alive dying to tell, to help any in anyways from too too much wasted life - w.s.b. a modern archetype in these concerns. you a dedicated facilitator for sure, a beautiful/wonderful fascination of purpose.
now for facts of my case and others that attempted my cushioning chemical aids:

1) DMAE (sold prescription in europe as "deaner" in past) probably available now at health food or vitamin stores - this will make nasty mental/physical feelings of wretchedness tolerable to a point where one is aware they are sick but it is rather well one will sleep better and have more energy in daytime. this is only thing that allowed me to make a drop from 15mgs methadone to 10mgs no problem.

2) GABA (also should be available in same stores) for valuim/xanax/etc. addicts this fills same receptor (GABA receptor) and seemed to greatly help two people that were otherwise unable to quit...maybe not painless but close enough. trick to all this is to take large enough quantities, probably 4 DMAE at a time every few hours, 4000mgs GABA at a time when needed, but it is up to anyone to experiment.
as far as buprenorphine goes it is an extremely effective way to make a final break from opiods - if unavailable through a local doctor it is easy to order online from overseas pharmacies online.
more later

take care,

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